The system of "smart house" in the questions and answers

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09 April 2016

Modern construction technology developed by leaps and bounds, and the fact that only recently seemed unreal, today - is already a Members are well aware that from the safe and smooth operation of all engineering systems house depends largely on the comfort of living in the country.

Every year the complexity of the equipment installed in the house.There is a growing level of energy consumption.Cottages are converted into a fully closed and autonomous system.Any owner of a suburban housing should always remember many details.For example: if there is fuel in the boiler for leaks in the system, whether the ventilation?Often, in a series of daily tasks that require constant attention, you can forget about something important, a direct impact on the degree of autonomy and security at home.Is there a system that can take control of the house itself, thereby freeing the owner from the suburban housing solutions routine questions?

name of this system - the "smart house".In our material w

e have gathered experts' answers to the most common questions dedicated to the system.

So you know:

  • What is this system of "smart house" and what is it for?
  • What system can be considered a "smart home"?
  • What opportunities does this system is its owner?
  • technology is based on a "Smart House"?
  • What are the requirements to the power grid for the installation of "smart house"?
  • How is the reliability and safety of this system?
  • What are the benefits of using this system?

Smart House - a ...

To understand how this system works, first of all, you must understand its purpose.

head of the company «smart cottage» Ilya Kovalchuk :

- «Smart House" - a system that is based on high-tech equipment.The main purpose of the "smart home" - the automation of processes for managing various engineering systems in the building.

«smart house" provides the comfort, safety, resource saving and can "take" on routine tasks, freeing from these actions the hosts.

Development Director Luxury Systems Ekaterina Koroleva :

- « Smart Home" can be considered a system that includes centralized management of electrical and engineering equipment.A certain modes node anyway dependent on the work of others.

Thus, an integrated approach is implemented in the control system of the house.

Head of electrical systems companies GWD Engineering Ilya Markov:

- The term "smart home" usually refers to the integration of systems, equipment and components into a single intelligent home control.


  • control and communications;
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • lighting system;
  • power supply system of the building;
  • security and monitoring.

control over the work of all systems can be remotely - via mobile phone, tablet, or via the Internet.

CEO Alef Elektro Andrei Nazarenko :

- This is best illustrated by the following example: using a mobile phone or tablet, you can:

  • including evening light scene in the room;
  • put on a timer closing vents after a certain period of time to keep warm in the morning;
  • switch TV channels or choose a movie from the server;
  • check the status of all security systems at home.

The same can be done using a special remote control - push button or touch.

Ilya Markov:

- You could say that the "smart house" is based on three basic principles:

  • providing comfort;
  • security;
  • energy efficiency.

Ekaterina Koroleva :

- There are two types of systems:

1. Wired.

2. Wireless.

example: the house is protection against leakage of water and smoke detector that sends SMS.These are two different systems, and each of them is responsible for his narrow circle of responsibilities.

Ekaterina Koroleva :

- call it "smart home" is impossible, how to manage these sensors with single-window interface, the system is not possible.Each of these devices - its own parameters and settings, and they operate independently of each other.The system of "smart house" provides overall coordination and management of all engineering and electrical equipment in the house.

is important to know that the "smart home" controls the intelligent program, with her work adapted to the particular house and preferences of the owner.For clarity, all the information about its operation is displayed on the touch display on the wall.With an intuitive interface, the name of the team and explains the images, control system "smart house" like working on an electronic tablet.

systems smart home

According Ilya Kovalchuk, minimum set of equipment in the first place, should provide security, the possibility of remote monitoring at home using video surveillance systems and alarm sensors and motion, as well as the ability to control heating.Thus, the system will protect against theft and emergency situations.

Andrei Nazarenko :

- If the system can independently change their status, it can be considered intelligent.

The main purpose of the "smart home" of course, is to increase living comfort.This includes the ease of operation, for example, light, space, minimizing remote control technology, the optimal operation of all engineering systems house in order to save energy.

Warm floors that are disabled for the day when you go to work, and included an hour before your return, thus saving energy, can be called "smart" warm floors.

Ekaterina Koroleva :

- Each "smart home" is different.Although we can say that there is a package of minimum functions for which the system has the right to be called "smart home".It can be two or more functions that can be controlled from a single interface.For example:

  • control water leakage;
  • fire alarm;
  • control of gas leaks;
  • light control;
  • climate control;
  • voice alert.

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- «Clever house" and often referred to as simple monitoring and control system: GSM-outlet Alert System emergency situations.In my opinion, "Smart Home" can be referred to any system control or monitoring that are based on high-tech equipment that brings real benefits to the owner.

Modern systems of "smart home" offer the opportunity to gradually build functional, allowing you to start small, and then create a complex and versatile automation system.

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- one control port (which, for example, included heater) "Smart Home" can be called, of course, be a stretch, but someone she can actually make life easier, saveelectricity costs, to help make their lives more comfortable.In the future, it may become part of a more complex system.

Such flexible configurability of the system allows to implement any ideas.

Ekaterina Koroleva :

- Opportunities "smart home" are endless.Functionality of the system can be limited only to our imagination.Simply put, all the devices which have a button to "on." Or "off." - Can be automated.

How does "smart home"?

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- Let's say the house has Internet access, a controller "smart home" and several temperature sensors and motion.Even a minimal system notifies the user of a home invasion, sending him to the phone SMS alert.The system also monitors the temperature and humidity in the house.

Further adding outlet modules (intelligent outlet or switch setting), it is possible to automatically - on a schedule or in some events, manage the electrical equipment, the degree of light in the house.For example, depending on the temperature in the building, - turn on and off heaters, air conditioners, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in the building.Moreover, the presence of multi-rate meter, and in the absence of the home so you can save on electricity.

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- Going to the cottage, you can advance through the telephone, Internet, establish a comfortable temperature.For safety, at any moment the system can add fire sensors, water leakage, gas leakage.

Subsequently, on operation of such sensors can be arranged overlapping water and gas.

system can expand almost indefinitely.

For example, using "smart home" can be:

  • open gates, shutters, blinds;

  • control the light in the house and in the local area;

light can light up in response to the approach of people on and off when removed.

  • controlled heating boilers and warm floors, maintaining the optimum temperature in the house;

  • monitor surveillance cameras through the house and grounds;

picture may be real-time transmitted to the screen of your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • replace all the TV remote control and multimedia devices;

  • simulate the presence of people;

Due to switching on and off the light, lifting and lowering the roller shutters creates the appearance of life that can deter burglars when a long absence in the house owners.

  • automate watering.

All of these can be controlled remotely from any device, and to receive any notification of the systems.

Features installation of "smart house»

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- There are many systems and protocols designed to implement "smart homes."In fact, you can use any protocol for automation.The industrial protocol RS-485 to normal Wi- Fi.

currently most in demand management protocols designed specifically for home automation and, for the most part, wireless, that is do not require laying a large number of wires, global changes in the wiring, etc.

important to know that the basis for "smart home" can be a conventional personal computer, and many controllers are devices with the family of operating systems Linux.

Andrei Nazarenko :

- best option to build "smart home" - kogdavse devices exchange data via cable, using the protocol KNX.

KNX - is a single unified international standard for the exchange of data intended for automated control systems of the house.

Many developers lay the cable in the pre-wall.In the future, it provides the possibility of installing "smart home" without costly alterations already finished interior.

Ekaterina Koroleva :

- basic requirement for equipment - is its reliability.Also, the equipment must be flexible for programming, functional and have a reasonable cost.

If you plan to use at home system "smart house", it is necessary to think about it more in the design of all engineering systems.

installation process is divided into the following stages:

  • At roughing work carried out in the home tab of all communications, including- And wires.
  • At the completion of the finishing works to install all the necessary equipment, sensors, automation cabinets, performed their set-up and programming of the system.
  • Next come commissioning and system commissioning.

equip the system of "smart home" can be any dwelling, for example, using equipment that works on a radio channel.But such equipment does not give a 100% guarantee execution.And if the landlord wants to automate the object after the repair, you can hide all the communications in the false ceiling or the floor.Since

"smart home" is dependent on electricity, with particular attention to the electrical installation.

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- all the equipment needed to create a "smart home" is designed for standard network of 220 V. The wireless equipment, "smart" can be any already existing house, especially not tinkering with its wiringwithout maintenance and design changes, etc. Improvement

Any house begins with security, so "smart" and it should be an electrician.It is important to all - the correct calculation of the cable cross-section, the RCD or differential automata ground.

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- Given that the "smart plug" is not much more expensive than the usual modern sockets, including the cost of its installation, creating a "Smart House" from the ground up, and advance, the draft, the cost of home automationcan be reduced and the savings quickly pay for electricity is more expensive.

Often the question arises: will the power consumption of the system "smart house" effect on the amount of electricity bills at the end of the month?

Ilya Kovalchuk :

- One of the main purpose of the "smart house" is the energy savings.Control equipment, sensors, actuators - low-voltage and consume a minimum of power.

In terms of power consumption of the system "smart house" costs - negligible, and savings can be repeated. The performed competently and reliable electrician - it is an element of "smart home"."Smart house", often worked steadily many other houses electrical appliances.

Any of suburban residents faced with a situation off the light, and what will happen to the system of "smart house" in this case?

Ekaterina Koroleva :

- In cases of blackout, the system automatically switches to emergency operation.Recorded readings from all sensors and when the electricity will be fed into the 100% volume, everything returns to the "how to turn off."

imagine that the house turned off the light.In this case, the system "Smart House" voice will inform you about what happened off.If the house is unoccupied, the system will send SMS and call itself to the user on the mobile phone.On the uninterruptible power supply battery system will continue to operate and maintain the main consumers of electricity: a refrigerator, heating system, emergency lighting, security systems.In the event of a prolonged lack of electricity "smart home" automatically starts the generator.