Two simple steps for maintenance and protection of heating systems

By Admin | Heating
21 April 2016

main requirements that apply to modern heating and air conditioning - reliability, efficiency and durability.Meanwhile, there are a number of reasons that lead to problems in the heat exchange equipment.

One - hardness salts dissolved in water.They are deposited on the heating elements in the form of scale.Another problem - the water contained in oxygen, oxidizing metals.The consequences of this are well known: the heating system is clogged, overgrown lime deposits and rust.As a result - the equipment works worse, and costs are rising.

All this helps to avoid timely and regular cleaning of heat exchange equipment.European concern BWT offers a simple solution for cleaning and protecting circulation (closed) systems - chemicals:

1. liquid concentrate Cillit-HS 23 RS .Used for cleaning of heating and air conditioning systems with a total circulation of water.Due to the special composition, the drug at the same time removes corrosion, lime deposits and sludge deposits.Reagents are added in a proport

ion of 1 liter per 200 liters of water in the circuit.The cleaning process lasts from half to two weeks, after which the residual liquid is drained, and poured new water added passivating agent.

2. To protect the heating and air conditioning systems from corrosion and lime is used the following drugs - Cillit-HS 23 COMBI .The liquid concentrate is used for heating up to a temperature of 80 ° C.Systems operating at higher temperatures, it is recommended to handle reagent Cillit-HS 180 .Means added to the water in the same ratio - 1: 200.The product is poured into the heating system cleaned and left there without draining.

passivating - a panacea for all problems:

  • reagent covers the inner surface of pipelines and boiler thin oxide film, which sticks worse scum;
  • acts as dielectric, does not form galvanic couples;
  • oxygen does not contact with the metal.

As a result - the system is fully protected against corrosion.

passivating is recommended during the commissioning of a new heating system.

benefits of using chemicals Cillit-HS 23 RS and Cillit-HS 23 COMBI:

  • drugs can be added in the heating system is deactivated, and during its operation;
  • funds effectively fight crustose-corrosive deposits, regardless of the design features of the equipment;
  • reagent for washing shchadjashche applies to all elements of the system include components of aluminum, brass, light alloy, rubber gaskets, as well as pipes and fittings, made from synthetic materials;
  • formulation gently cleanses the system without causing a violent chemical reaction and gas evolution;after washing with a working solution can be drained into the sewer.
  • reagents suitable for closed hot water heating systems and cooling systems;

Chemicals Cillit-HS 23 RS and Cillit-HS 23 COMBI - is an easy way to flush and protect the system heating and air conditioning on their own and without the help of experts!Remember that high-quality reagents enhance the performance of heat transfer equipment and maintain the system in working order.

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