Modern approaches to the design of the automated systems of boiler water treatment

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20 April 2016

Everyone knows that today the state of many water treatment plants in Russia leaves much to be desired.The reason - the deterioration in the operation, as well as obsolete hardware design that was used in their design.Unfortunately, even many modern installations are still built on the basis of such equipment.

In recent years the Russian market offers a large number of imported equipment for water purification and water treatment from the European and American manufacturers.This equipment is either completely manufactured abroad, or collected directly in Russia from components produced in the West.

each type of water peculiar to the class of pollution.In accordance with the determined and coolant technology training, which must meet the requirements of manufacturers of heat transfer equipment.

About what technological scheme of water treatment used, consideration should be given at the stage of project development.Thus it is necessary to take into account a lot of things.For example, it is necessary

to take care that the water purification equipment was in a heated room with a ventilation system and sanitation, provide the clean water reservoirs (with a volume of 20-25% of the consumption of water per day).Choosing a pump installation should take into account water consumption, which is required for washing the filtering equipment (it should be 3-4 times the nominal).The pipes should be made of corrosion resistant materials.

Would like to draw the attention of the project companies to ensure that they did not choose ion exchange equipment, based solely on performance.The main thing you need to rely when choosing a softening equipment - an analysis of the source water.

So, to properly calculate and choose a flow chart, do the following:

  • analyze water;
  • make a preliminary assessment and to consider technical solutions;
  • conduct pilot tests;
  • design;
  • manufacture;
  • carry out installation;
  • carry out work on the launch and commissioning.

BWT Group offers the technology and equipment to build water treatment facilities:

  • automatic water softening systems;
  • install water desalination, that run on reverse osmosis technology and conventional ion exchange technology;
  • equipment that reduces the alkalinity of the water;
  • cleaner installation of pipelines and heat exchangers without disassembly;
  • equipment for the complete removal of the water of dissolved gases (thermal degassing);
  • equipment for the correction of water chemistry boilers by dosing chemicals production BWT.

If necessary, all equipment can be equipped with devices for continuous monitoring of quality and boiler feed water.Using the equipment for water treatment, you will be able to for a long time to support all the heat exchange equipment and pipelines in excellent condition.

We offer water treatment equipment, which is manufactured and tested at the company's own production facilities in accordance with the BWT system of quality standard ISO-9001.All equipment is certified has all the necessary Russian documents.

company BWT - The European group, which produces equipment for water treatment, invites experts to the seminar : «Modern approaches to the design and layout of the automated water treatment systems for steam and hot water boilers, as well as hotels and business centers premium."

event will be held in the framework of the 18th specialized exhibition "Energy, heating, ventilation, water industry and housing and communal services - 2014".

a report by the director of the department of engineering BWT, Ph.D. Mars Ruslanovich Petrov .

exhibition will be held May 21, 2014 1300 1500 in venue CHSC "Russia» at Ekaterinburg, ul.Vysotskogo14 Register for the seminar here.

chemical and water treatment for hot water and steam boilers, thermal power stations and mini-CHP with different performance - one of the main activities of the Group BWT.

At the same time, BWT - the leader in the Russian market in the field of water treatment for hotels and business centers class.

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