How to increase the supply voltage

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20 April 2016

often in villages and country houses indicate poor voltage in the mains.This is due not only to their poor technical condition, but with the purchase of a variety of household appliances, which requires electricity, which is often lacking.

At the same time, local power in no hurry to change the equipment on a modern, and therefore more committed to the dignity which sustain the increased loads.

Member Forum cottage "Home and Cottage" Terristor once faced a problem - washing machine stopped working.That is hardly spinning drum, and the pump could not lift water from the well.

1st Figure normal operation step-down transformer.
2nd already converted transformer ready to work to increase the voltage.

He measured the voltage, and the device showed only 180 volts, and this voltage is not enough for many appliances.

But no, a blessing in disguise.Once he read the magazine "Radio" and his eyes came across an article about how using a conventional step-down transformer to do.

A focus was that if we take a step-down transformer, of which 220 makes 40 to dig deeper into it, after minor changes can be obtained at the output does not decrease, and the voltage rise by 40 volts from the supply voltage.

chance at Terristor was a transformer.And having a little knowledge in radio, he 15 minutes to change it and made a trial run.

Before the test, the voltage was 192 volts, and then, as planned, the voltage increased by 40 volts.This proved to be an excellent solution in the current situation, and despite the lack of voltage appliances worked perfectly.


advantage of this system:

Easy for assembly.For example, if the power transformer secondary winding 100 volts, can be safely connect the pump power of 500 watts.
real cheapness of the device.

Disadvantages of this system:

voltage of a device are not automatically regulated and if suddenly the supply voltage has stabilized, and it was 220 at the exit you will have 260 volts, a bit much, but it is not dangerous if the time to notice.

himself all winter Terristor used this transformer.During this time he did not check the voltage and no appliance is not spoiled.

In case if the voltage in your area often changes, you can use a special socket that disables appliances that are connected to it if the voltage is increased above the norm.

formula for calculating

need a transformer primary winding 220 volts.Secondary winding - the need for "lacking power."On the secondary side of the maximum current, even in low-power step-down transformers sufficient.

calculation can be done in several formulas.

By Fig.1 can calculate where the secondary current Ir - rated load current A;Pn - Rated power load (passport transformer) W;Un - nominal voltage of the load.

Knowing the type of power you need to add is determined by the power requirement for the transformer Fig.2 where P - power transformer on Tue., I2 - rated secondary current A, U2 - voltage secondary winding B. Then you take a transformer with the appropriate data - power and output voltage.

And in the end you need to calculate the result of the formula in Fig.3. where the CTE - coefficient of transformation;U1 - rated voltage of the primary winding (220), B.

In this formula, we can see that the load voltage can either increase or decrease.To properly phase transformer, sufficient to interchange the output of one of the windings.

Transformer is best to install in the corridor or in the basement, because the installation of noise, and from there to do the necessary electrical wiring.

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