How to start water purification?

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20 April 2016

But, despite all the differences of the chemical composition of water from different places, at any water purification system is installed the first filter to remove mechanical impurities - strainer.This filter removes impurities such as sand, clay particles, scale and other debris the size of more than 90 microns.That is the correct choice of such a filter I'll discuss in this article.

Currently on the market there are many models of filters mechanical purification of different manufacturers also called coarse filter.So how do you decide which model will suit your needs?Let's look at the pattern of selection and answer for themselves some simple questions. First , where the filter is installed in the city apartment and a country house? Second , which is a source of water city water, private well or a well?And thirdly , how much water you need?

begin with the third question.The easiest way to understand this at a known diameter of the supply line and the internal layout of the house, because the i

ncrease in the diameter of the connection filter will only lead to more high costs for its acquisition and reduction - to a loss in the amount of bandwidth of the filter.It should be noted that most urban homes diameter connecting pipe ½ ", but no more than ¾ " , so to purify water from urban water supply for apartments with centralized water supply, we recommend Protector Mini models in the hot and cold water, and forApartments with a gas column or boiler Awanti RF.According to the accepted standards of the daily water consumption per adult human is about 200 liters per day.

in country houses, designed for a family of 4-6 people, water consumption is on average 1 m3 per day, the diameter of the inlet pipe ¾ " -1 " .Therefore, we recommend that you use the following models:

Infiniti Ap - when the pressure at the inlet to the house at least 2Bar, there is the possibility of acceding to sanitation (washing conditions) in water has a lot of illistyh impurities or sand and you do not have the time orthe desire to constantly monitor the washing of the filter element to be produced automatically after a specified time or heavily soiled filter element.

Infiniti A - when the pressure at the inlet to the house at least 2Bar, there is the possibility of acceding to sanitation (washing conditions), mechanical impurities in the water a moderate amount and you do not want to follow the washing of the filter element, which will be done automaticallyafter a specified time.

Infiniti M and F1 - the connection to the sewer (condition washing), mechanical impurities in the water a moderate amount, it is possible to monitor the pollution of the filter element and regularly 1-2 times a month to clean it by turning the handle on the filter housing.

New 2014 lever filter I1 - this filter does not require a connection to the sewage system, it is easy to maintain, becausethe replacement of the filter cartridge only need to raise the handle and install a new cartridge.To cope with it even a child.The filter is equipped with a built-in pressure gauge for monitoring the condition of the filter element and an audible alert.It is the best solution for a private home, where the basic hardware requirements is «So as not to cause trouble!»

If equipment installed after the filter, "afraid" water hammer (pressure surges), you should choose a model with the acronym DRindicated here in the end, this means that the filter is equipped with a pressure reducer intended for installation limits.In addition, in these models, a check valve that prevents back to pour the purified water in the absence of water pumping.

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