Increase the humidity in the house

By Admin | Ventilation
22 April 2016
This often happens when we start to make sure that the house was warm 24 hours a day in winter, and we forget that the increase in degrees reduces indoor humidity level, so necessary for our body.

Dry air is bad not only for house plants, but also for your health, and, among other things, the condition of the house.If your home is encased inside a tree, then it can go cracks due to overly dry air.If you indulge in comparisons, in fact the winter home becomes a washing machine to dryer and African desert at the same time.

course, out of the current situation at home alone - to increase moisture.If you have a home there are a few potted plants or you lit a tropical garden, remember that they consume 40 to 60 percent humidity in your home.Thus, you need to either get rid of them for the winter or to start wetting their home.

The first option does not necessarily throw out your favorite flowers in the trash, you can just get them to sleep and do not consume much precious moisture in such quantities.This i
s done by reducing the amount of irrigation and larger gaps between them and through the cooling room in which they are located, at least at night.

As for the second option, then the best advice is simple - you need from the available water bottles to distribute water in the house, or permanent boil water and produce steam.And best of all two - three times a day to spray every room with water, or buy a humidifier , that will do it automatically.

to the level of humidity in your home is not reduced due to the heating system at home, follow these guidelines:
1. Lower the temperature of the air in the house for the night a few degrees.Remember that the higher the temperature, the lower the humidity in the air and as a result, the harder your body to fully relax at night;

2. The plants form a certain moist environment if you have them create the best conditions for this.Cover your plants with a plastic dome, or any other object that would create something like a vacuum.It will accumulate moisture, which identifies the plant, and that it is able to absorb, if necessary;

3. Constantly moisturize the air using a special device, or self-spraying air in the room;
often wipe the leaves of houseplants and do wet cleaning.