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21 April 2016
Those who disregarded the details of the project and decided to check his erudition in the construction of his house, surprises are expected for November, related to frequent fluctuations in temperature around zero.Roof tested the September rains and prolonged October rain, the house is closed, the windows sealed, under way finishing work.Whence comes the moisture if the roof "vented"?The concept of "ventilated roof" means the presence of three ventilation circuits:

- ventilation space between the coating and waterproofing covering all the plane, regardless of the degree of complexity of the roof;
- ventilation space between the insulation and waterproofing, which excludes the presence of "stagnant" zones;
- ventilation of the roof space, which is part of the ventilation system of the house.

decades, inadequate building materials and technologies allow us to (or forced us) to build a house to "breathe" through wood, brick, cracks in the brickwork, cracks in windows and doors, the gap between the la
yers of tar paper or glassine, which randomly combined (ornot combined), all three necessary ventilation circuit.Payment for the seeming simplicity was, at best, drafts, higher heating costs, familiarity with glass wool and significant limitations on the imagination of the designer interior decoration.In the worst case, if the slots were not enough, in the most unexpected places appear damp.Special ventilation channels arranged only bathrooms and kitchens.

Modern roofing materials allow to solve this issue.When setting targets for the design of your home, pay particular attention to the ventilation system.

For those who wish to independently carry out a preliminary examination of the project remind two main rules teplokrovelschika :
- pairs seeks up (and a little sideways)
- water tends to bottom (and a little sideways).

Consequences of the two main Rules are:
- when installing a vapor barrier is not enough laps paintings at each other on the walls and structural elements;the joints must be prokleivat special tape
- no ventilation of the internal space of the house, even sizing special tape completely prevents moisture insulation under high pressure steam.For example, when the capacity of the vapor barrier 1 gram per 1 m2 surface per day, for 100 days in a 100 m2 vapor barrier under the influence of the vapor pressure, up a bucket of water vapor permeate.Ventilation literally allows you to "let off steam from the boiler", as the consequences of the sudden appearance in the insulation is not that bucket, but a glass of water is sometimes comparable to the consequences of the explosion of locomotive boiler
- walls do not need to "breathe" as a detainee in the outer layersWall moisture can lead to a stratification during freezing, and through the wall moisture can penetrate the "roofing pie"
- can not be ignored ventilated smaller rooms and spaces
- vapor barrier must be installed as close as possible to the interior of the house
- to correct errors encountered inwaterproofing, roofing must be removed;to correct errors that occur when the device vapor barrier is necessary to provide access to a vapor barrier inside the house.

We hope that you just "let off steam" and described above will not affect your home.