Fittings Unio by PRO AQUA - an excellent choice for cold water supply and irrigation systems

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19 April 2016

Air Temperature readings will also be recorded in the history of +34 in the shade at a humidity of less than 30%.In such weather, the plants that remain without regular watering very quickly wither.Therefore, the perfect solution to save soil moisture, will establish a sound and convenient watering system.

in the construction market and in specialized construction chain stores, always a rather large selection of plastic pipes and polypropylene fittings for the organization of water supply and irrigation.Unfortunately, many fittings are so-called disposable product which after a short time operation or breaks or starts to flow in the ground connections to the pipes.Moreover, the quality of the connection elements does not depend on their price: break and proceed as a cheap and expensive options.

in construction season of 2014 the company "Ego Engineering" is a conceptually new development - polypropylene fittings UNIO by ProAqua, which are designed with all the subtleties of the functioning of the wate

r pipeline.Fittings UNIO by ProAqua ideal for cold drinking and technical water supply, as well as irrigation systems.

Consider design features fittings UNIO by ProAqua.

One important advantage - reliability and integrity of the entire system, which guarantees fittings UNIO by ProAqua.

Compression ring which is located inside the casing is made of polypropylene polyacetal.Those who are even slightly familiar with chemistry, know that this material has high impact strength, elastic properties and resistance to cracking, so it is ideal for products subject to repetitive mechanical stress.That is, when the docking tube compression ring in various difficult conditions to maintain the strength of the connection due to the properties of polyacetal.

tightness also help with focus and sleeve ring material NBR, which provide a perfect seal of the connecting elements.

Polypropylene, which is made from the fitting body UNIO by ProAqua contains special thermal and light stabilizers.In combination with plastic pipes can be collected ProAqua pipes in which no bacteria will be generated.

water within the system will retain its flavor, not musty odor and flavor, which often arise in cases where the liquid for a long time are in the plastic containers.Moreover, both the pipe and fittings UNIO by ProAqua resistant to action of aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis, salts, and many other organic solvents.This advantage extends their service life, irrespective of the composition of water and soil, where they are used.

Installation UNIO by ProAqua fittings and plastic pipes carried Pro Aqua manual effort, no other aids is required.In the first tube is worn the compression nut, then the compression ring, and then the sleeve, with emphasis.Ring NBR can be left in the fitting or put on top of the sleeve with a focus - how convenient.Then, lightly pressing the tube is inserted into the fitting itself, after which the compression nut tightly twisted.The same is done on the other hand - and a compound ready for use.One thing to check - the density of the spin nut on the pipe.

Company "Ego Engineering" supplies to the Russian market a wide range of fittings UNIO by ProAqua, needed to build a complete water system.Using the products of one manufacturer - an additional guarantee of reliability and integrity of the entire system.

Fittings UNIO by ProAqua passed hydraulic strength test .Testing to determine the operating pressure, as well as identifying the level of safety have been carried out in a certified test center "MARPUT TEST."Tests showed that the fittings UNIO by ProAqua fully comply with GOST R 52134-2003.According to technical standards test pressure, which must withstand the fittings is required to work more than 1.5 times.Fittings UNIO by ProAqua withstood the pressure to 34 atmospheres, which is higher than the operating pressure of 16 bar, more than 1.5 times.

are going to build a system for the cold (food, maintenance), water supply or irrigation system, think.Are you often change the fittings because of the constant leaks and burst throw after winter cold adapters, buying new.If not, once again, read the advantages of fitting UNIO by ProAqua and make the right choice.

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