Choosing air conditioning

By Admin | Ventilation
20 April 2016

air conditioning However, before purchasing his own control indoor climate, it is worth to know about the features of air conditioners.For example, before buying is to clarify the area of ​​the premises for which the equipment is purchased.Some air conditioners are specially adapted for use in large rooms, while others will not be able to cool more than 20 square meters.m.

If the store or in the characteristics of the device itself is not specified optimum area, you can use a simple ratio of 1:10.

It means that to place 45 sq.m.air conditioning needs 4.5 kW.Especially for work in several rooms set up multi split systems, which allow you to change the climate in several areas.

next step when choosing conditioner - Define the necessary functionality of the device.Some models can only cool the room, but other excellent job with both the rising and the temperature is lowered.So if you need a heating function, you should choose air conditioning, equipped with heat pump.

Also, be sure to know about the location of the w

indows in the room and their quantity.If the windows face south, then we can manage and model the average power as the heat gain from the south is much stronger than in the north.

When buying air conditioners need to remember and additional functions such as air purification systems and additional operating modes.

Finally, be sure to install your equipment engaged in well-known company, which provides a guarantee for the service rendered.