Air conditioners for home

By Admin | Ventilation
20 April 2016


air conditioning As the name implies, these air conditioners are a single unit that can be placed on windows or floor.Window monoblock installed in the window opening or free space in the wall.Installation of this air conditioner does not take much time and effort, and its cost is pleasantly surprising.The control system monoblock, and also an option for space heating depending on the model.Window model does not require the withdrawal of condensed water via pipes, but for outdoor air conditioners need to lay a flexible corrugated hose from the equipment to a window or windows.Unlike outdoor monoblock is the free movement of HVAC equipment in the room.

Split systems

most popular and convenient type of home air conditioners.The essence of a split system is that the air conditioner consists of two parts: internal and external power.The first set in the street and secured with special tools.The second part of a split system is installed inside the building, and its work can be controlled with the remote

or the buttons on the panel.This technology allows us to reduce the noise from the air conditioner to a minimum and add a lot of useful features.For example, almost all split systems have filters to clean the air of harmful microbes and dust.Among other useful features found in most models, it is possible to note the presence of several modes, the timer for 24 hours and power control of the air conditioner.

Depending on the method of setting shared wall and ceiling split systems.Also separately isolated tower conditioners that are conventional split system, but with increased power and, respectively, with high rates of cooling air.It should be noted that regardless of the type of installation of a split air conditioning system is an extremely important process.Poorly laid wires fixed at the wrong angle, and other things can affect the operation of the equipment is not the best way.

Hideaway system

conditioner often necessary not only for one room, but for the whole apartment or just office space.To ensure the entire area of ​​the climatic equipment and saving money were created multi split system.Air conditioners of this type consist of one outdoor unit and multiple indoor, which are installed in different rooms.As is the case with split systems, the full functionality multioborudovaniya may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Special mention deserves the design of air conditioning.Currently the world market range of HVAC equipment is extremely high, so choose the technique for placing in the cellar.It is safe to discard the idea that air conditioning spoils the interior, as many models are very compact and with proper allocation of air-conditioned indoor space perfect "hiding" behind a false ceiling or become less noticeable due to the cabinets or curtains.