Coupling and valves brass - how to choose a quality product

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17 April 2016

In particular, it becomes relevant when confronted with the situation of a real catastrophe - begins to flow fitting connecting pipe or tightly jammed valve.It would seriously looks item and it is not made of plastic, and brass.Why then such disasters occur.According to experts - Brass strife, so before buying a connection or shut-off valve, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the seller's statement is not a myth but a reality.

material called brass - an alloy in which copper is the major component (about 60%) and auxiliary zinc (from 30 to 40%).Often used in the manufacture of brass, and other additives that affect the final properties of the alloy, such as, for example, lead, tin, manganese, nickel and so on.As with any prescription process in the production of brass, there are strict rules that can not be broken.If you change the composition of the substance, adding, for example, a little more than a cheap additive and save on expensive external parts do not change, but its functionality

will become much weaker.As a consequence of the coupling and fittings, made in violation of the technology, it can not withstand the stated loads and is significantly lower than expected, jeopardizing the entire system.

determine that brass parts saved with the help of ordinary inspection impossible.The only true solution is to trust the professionals in the field of engineering communications - a company that exists in the market for a long time and whose products for this period has proven itself with the position of reliability and quality.

Such experiences have a job of "Ego Engineering 'technical experts who are constantly working on improving the range of popular designs from the range of brass fittings.It is necessary, first of all, because Russian utilities operate under periodic pressure surges, which certainly affects the state of the connection mechanism.One example of their development - ball valve Pro Aqua, designed in collaboration with European experts.Process Engineers of "Ego Engineering" possible mechanism adapted to operating conditions in Russia and European specialists have introduced innovative technologies to model.

few very important points embodied in the design of ball valves Pro Aqua, allow us to call them one of the most reliable on the date of locking mechanisms.

First , Pro Aqua ball valves made of brass CW617N, fully compliant with the European standards.This brand is characterized by the clear proportions of base metals that make up the alloy, providing exceptional strength parts.

Second , ball valves Pro Aqua company "Ego Engineering" has a distinctive feature, which affects the duration of their lifetime.A pair of O-rings in the valve stem is made of complementary materials NBR and FPM.NBR NBR has a special resistance to most oils, it is perfectly withstand low and high operating temperatures, providing a wide range of - 30 to + 120 ° C.Material FPM - it FPM, which is resistant to aggressive chemicals and UV radiation.The range of the maximum allowable operating temperature of FPM - 25 to + 200 ° C.Due to the sealing rings ball valves Pro Aqua withstand high and low temperatures without compromising the further operation.

Third , Pro Aqua ball valves with male thread have special notches that can reliably fix the sealing material when mounting the faucet.

Fourth , the very design of the crane Pro Aqua is designed for long life and maintenance free, except for third-party intervention.

In other words, setting the heating water systems or high-quality brass products company "Ego Engineering" for a long time you will forget about the unexpected leakage.

Coupling and valves Pro Aqua is a quality and reliable choice for your utilities.

FAQ. more than 17 years, "Ego Engineering" has been supplying the Russian market with high quality engineering equipment produced under the trade mark Pro Aqua.The brand is available brass fittings, which includes a wide range of compression fittings, threaded and press fittings, as well as locking mechanisms, such as ball valves, check valves, etc.The company's products "Ego Engineering" was delivered to the large metropolitan construction: Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" shopping center "Metropolis", Moscow International House of Music, the terminal Sheremetyevo-3, to build a plant in Kaluga Volvo, etc..

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