Drafting of an individual house.

By Admin | Rural Homes
30 April 2016

Of course, you have seen many houses, some of which attracted the original appearance or classical forms, beautiful facades and successful plan, and others angered by its complexity, massiveness and even distasteful.

Now the task to create a project stood in front of you.The finished project with minor changes or your own - the original project.In both cases, you can not do without the finished projects.

thirst for creativity and the desire to build a unique house - commendable.Food for creativity can be found in many catalogs of finished projects, books and magazines for developers, as well as in existing home.This is how you can find close to your needs and interesting projects, meet interesting decision come across the optimal layout.

In the early draft pick complicating factor in that your queries to it are very diverse, unorganized, and often contradictory.

During the development of the project is to collect systematically information found in a separate folder.

Currently, there is a huge vari

ety of information on individual construction and after 2-3 days of her study, she ceases to be acquired, lost and forgotten.

Try to reduce the range of the search in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation, limiting himself to the collection of waste material.

First, you need to answer to yourself and what you are going to build as a result?It's enough to make a list of requirements and initial data for future projects.This greatly simplifies the design of the creation of your own home and will not allow to lead the design work in the direction of excessive complication and rise in price.

deciding to take up the development of the project, accept the fact that there will only build a house close to the ideal, and what you will have to give way.Remember that the house that you or under your supervision is projected to be built in reality, and for your money.

must remember that reasonable care in the design of the project will avoid many of the structural and organizational mistakes in the construction process.Do not forget that in addition to the construction process, there is also use of the house, which requires considerable resources.

Many developers suffer craving for megalomania, the desire to impress friends, neighbors and try to create a very original project.

desire to meet all its conceivable questions in the project is 100% - not the best guide in selecting the project at home, you want to really build.

project should also be commensurate with its financial possibilities.To determine the cost of construction is necessary to make an estimate.If you estimate that you can build a house for a certain amount of X, then go ahead and multiply this figure by 1.2 ... 1.4.It will be closer to reality, constantly create unforeseen expenses.The cost estimate enables you to plan the construction of the basis of your savings and replenish your budget in the process of construction.

To be continued ....