Ventilation systems

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19 April 2016

Now everyone wants to live in cozy energy-efficient homes, without drafts.Durable, insulated house - a good thing, especially if it is set effective ventilation system.Modern building materials make homes more durable, reliable, sealed.Plywood, insulation materials other than windows, seals and expanding foam - here are some examples of products that help insulate any home.
Uncontrolled air currents - is casual ventilation.The only way to make effective ventilation - is to install an automatic ventilation system.

Standards ventilation

Standard ventilation exhaust fans in the kitchen and in the bathroom - the standard in new homes.They provide local ventilation that helps fight high humidity and odors.Local ventilation manually activated if necessary.

controlled ventilation borrowing is for indoor air quality.It differs from the local ventilation on three parameters:

  1. impact on the entire living area;
  2. air conditioning, taking it from the outside;
  3. controlled automatically.

According to the standards issued by the

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning in homes with properly installed controlled ventilation takes 0.35% of the total area of ​​the exchange of air per hour, or 4.5 cubic meters of air per minute per person.

main functions

Controlled ventilation systems Ventilation systems - more than the exhaust fans.They perform important functions such as:

  • Exclude stale air containing water vapor, carbon dioxide, volatile chemicals and other contaminants.
  • retracts outside air, which presumably contains fewer pollutants and water vapor.
  • Distribute taken from outside air through the house.
  • automatically controls the operation of the system.

basic ventilation system has two elements.First - it has a fan, designed to extract stale air, which is concentrated in the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms.The second - delivery of conditioned air.Air is drawn from the outside and is distributed throughout the house.According to one exit point should be in every bedroom, and at least one - in the living room.Absorption, which is also called a negative pressure is created by exhaust fans, forcing air to pass through the house from the access points to the points of the fence.Now the main thing - the right to place these points and combustion air.


equipment that performs these four basic functions performed all sorts of shapes, sizes and different price level.For example:

  • fan mounted outside
  • Remote-line fan
  • remote multiport fan
  • Balanced fan
  • Air heat exchanger Exhaust heat pump

exhaust fans and ventilation pipes

In simpler systemsthe main component is an exhaust fan that creates a slight negative pressure.Air is drawn from the outside and supplied to the house through passive air inlets.Since these systems are quite simple system for generating negative pressure are relatively inexpensive.Plus, they help prevent wandering of water vapor around the house and in the attic, such couples can condense and cause problems.

Unfortunately, fireplaces, wood stoves, gas boilers can not be used with negative pressure.Under certain circumstances, even a slight negative pressure can cause that the flue gases, and carbon monoxide will fall into the living room.You can either leave the fire for beauty, or install the device with a closed combustion chamber, intake air from outside.

Other systems tend to balanced flow using two fans, one exhaust, the other - for the fresh air intake.Theoretically, the reverse link will not be a problem.However, experience shows that the heating system forced air open our eyes to the problem of achieving such a balance.Requires a detailed plan for setting air and accurate, quality installation ..

Return heat

Controlled ventilation systems Controlled ventilation systems are collected into a single exhaust air duct.Thus, by using the recycling fan this air can get warm.The most common type of fan is an air heat exchanger.It transfers heat from the exhaust air flow incoming.In such systems, the air flow is balanced.Another type of exhaust fan is a heat pump.It is widely distributed in Sweden.Such a pump transfers heat to the exhaust air domestic water tank.This compressor size approximately the same as a window air conditioner.

High fans

Controlled ventilation systems are working long hours every day.Some did not turn off.And of course, you want to set the highest quality fan that will be a very long time to work.Most high-quality fans used a permanent capacitor motor.Since the fan will run a lot, it is desirable to find a motor with low power consumption.

Many fans refuse the application because of the characteristic noise.Surface-mounted fans make noise at 2.0 and less sleep.Some manufacturers now produce fans with a noise level of less than 1.0 a dream.The noise level is less important for remote fans.However, to the living room could not hear any sound, make better use of fans and air ducts that absorb sound.