House elevator

By Admin | Rural Homes
30 April 2016

When is art as pop art, interferes with the creation of technology frame housing, the result can be obtained frame house, quite worthy of the brush of Andy Warhol.

Designed design studio Austin & amp; Mergold, House House-In-A-Can can serve as housing for one family.

distinctive feature of the house is that he seems to be inscribed into the interior of the round grain elevator.Designed

available on hand-coated components and reinforced steel facade is an innovative modular home can be the perfect embodiment of your dream of living on a farm.

used grain elevators are almost always found in the vaults of each farm.

They are quite strong, as are specially designed to protect the grain from adverse weather, such as rain, snow or wind.

Generally, elevators are made of corrugated galvanized steel 14 GA (about 16 mm thick), so they may well come as a strong outer shell of the house, like a commercial.

Similarly the concept of using shipping containers to be used as a shell for the project houses,

granaries can be easily and relatively cheaply to reconstruct.

Home Design House-In-A-Can granary uses 10.8 meters in diameter and comprises three floors with a total area of ​​180 square meters.

on the ground floor living room and dining room, on the second - two or three bedrooms.

upper floor can be used as a dryer for expanding living space or for greenhouses.

In addition, several elevators can be connected together to create a large complex of individual houses or apartments.A nice bonus: if you buy 5 houses, Austin & amp; amp;Mergold happy to provide you with the sixth - free of charge.