How to make a garden of light?

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16 April 2016
Every site owner sooner or later think about the organization of the space adjacent to the house, trying to make it comfortable and safe.We have already talked about the intricacies of readers devices facade lighting, give the house a solemn and festive look.In this article, our forum users and experts give tips landscape lighting .
together a plan
As is the case with the facade lighting to illuminate a country deciding section, it is important to make a plan and identify areas where rush beams of searchlights.
Denis Kalinowski , landscaper company « homesteads Siberia » (Barnaul):
- Before lighting suburban area, as a rule, there are two problems: the practical and aesthetic.Functional lighting adds to the amenities on the street at night.First of all, the lighting driveway area, the front area, porch, paths, business and recreational areas - where there may be people or walk.Decorative lighting emphasizes the beauty of the objects in the suburban area that is not visible at
night.This coverage of the individual elements of landscape design: trees and shrubs with an interesting shape of the crown, retaining walls, flower beds.Winning looks light water facilities: swimming pools and ponds, fountains and waterfalls.
Indeed, it's nice to sit in the evening on a swing under the apple tree and admire the play of lights in the garden!A gathering of wood for kindling the fire, do not wander to the touch, afraid to fall and hurt his leg.
According to the creative director of the company « Landscape Light » (Moscow) Yegor Tashchilin , good practice to light distribution so that the area had no dark "spots", unlit places.
Yegor Tashchilin , designer:
- varying the density and brightness of the light can focus on the important or the most beautiful parts of the landscape.Typically, more than trying to illuminate the landscape near the place of rest, specific points.Backlit trees along the fence to allow an understanding of the size of the plot, its borders, visually expand it.And besides, lighting along the border area will scare off intruders.This lighting can be operated continuously or in the standby modes, including by motion sensors.Although permanent lighting more energy consuming, it is better to give preference to him, as the flashing light when the sensor is not very comfortable for the eyes.
At your request, be provided at the site just two lighting schemes "on duty" and "festive".In the first case it will be possible to light the large lights and lighting the main track, and the second - to include all the other lights in the garden.
Select fixtures
But, the plan drawn up, it was the turn of choice of lighting equipment.How not to get lost in all the diversity that offers manufacturers today?First - do not hesitate to seek advice from the experts.Second - to compare assignment luminaires with tasks that they must perform.
Yegor Tashchilin , designer:
- For lighting walkways and other horizontal surfaces are commonly used all sorts of lights "bars / mushrooms", garden lights with shades, lights reflected light.Lamps with shades usually light on everything, including the observer's eye, which is not very good, but cover a large area around it.Fixtures reflected light gives a soft light and not glaring, but are larger.Bollard shine down on the track, but cover a smaller area.We prefer the lights "mushrooms" - they give the spot light a diameter of about 4-5 meters and not shine in your eyes by the visor above.To underscore the borders paving, paths, playgrounds and parks often used marker recessed LED "stones" or "cobbles".They are usually thin and have a matte surface, so do not hit in the eye.
for decorative lighting spotlights the best fit of all kinds.Depending on an illuminated object can be used as ground floodlights and ground directed, accent spotlights.Ground spotlights shine up that is suitable for illumination crowns of deciduous trees, columns, pergolas and other vertical structures.To illuminate the fir trees, tui, bush land used spotlights.
expert Denis Kalinowski :
- Volume foliage underlined woven into the branches of the trees garlands with mini lights or lighting cables.
for street lamps, especially those who are close to the ground or it is important weatherability.The material of the shell lamp, should not corrode and collapse under the influence of natural factors.Therefore, the most reliable fixtures are made of stainless steel and brass.Plain steel, plastic and aluminum begin to oxidize over time, flaking paint, cracked housing.
Our expert Timur Bibaev , purchasing manager of hypermarkets of goods for home and garden OBI Russia , when choosing lighting advises to pay attention to the index of IP (Index of dust and moisture protection).He double-digit - the first digit indicates the degree of protection against dust and ranges from 0 to 6 (the higher the number - the higher protection), the second digit is marked protection against water, the value can range from 0 to 8.
street lights are goodIP 65 or 66 - that means the complete protection of the body from the protection from dust and water jets.Such devices are not afraid of rain or moisture when watering the lawn.If it is necessary to illuminate the pool or fountain, the index should be the maximum moisture protection and to ensure the safety of the equipment when submerged under water indefinitely.
According Yegor Tashchilin , the most reliable and safe street lighting, low-voltage lighting, as the land there are only cables with safe voltage and the number of contacts is minimized.Route the cables needed in areas where the risk of further damage - for example, by planting fruit trees and ornamental plants.In addition, all cable runs to be made in the plan with reference to the main elements of the site - it make your life easier when you conceive the next transformation of the landscape.
learn how to properly lay the cables for lighting, participants talk in this thread.
New LED garlands, with which you can create a garden a real fairy tale, as low-voltage and fire safety.It is only important to pay attention to the label and do not use on the street garland interior: they do not possess the necessary degree of dust and moisture protection and resistance to frost.For street should acquire exterior decorations.As well as outdoor use extension cords unless there are special outdoor outlet, and carefully seal the connection.
What about street lights that are recharged by the sun and do not require the laying of underground cables?According to our experts, despite the obvious advantage - low cost of such lamps will not replace full-wired lighting system, as it does not provide enough light.And the most that they can amiss - marking lighting, creating visible points of light to indicate the boundaries of the track.This solar lamps may be an unusual decoration.
Select control system
We have already talked about the motion sensors, which include light when approaching the person.In most cases, the sensors allow the necessary time to adjust the lamp, if the object does not move, or came out of the field of view.Also on the market today can be found twilight sensor, whose name speaks for itself - they include illumination when the sun goes below the horizon, and gradually switch off her at dawn.
Yegor Tashchilin , designer:
- Recently there were quite a reliable radio system.However, the large size of the area, the presence of structures in the line of sight deposits radio transmitter operating range is reduced, which can be uncomfortable.When the manufacturer the range of 160 meters, the real is about 100. In such cases, the switches installed in several places, such as in the home and in the gazebo.
Festival with his hands
If you want to create a holiday, but no money for lights, spotlights and industrial garland, do not despair - the luminous beauty of the garden, you can create your own hands.You can use candles and scrap materials - glass jars and bottles, tin cans from the tomato paste and pineapple, wood trim and rope.
But party Senin to illuminate garden paths independently fashioned electric lights.The reason was the flashlight bought in a metal rolling two-meter diameter pipe ¾.One end forumchanin cut at an angle to make it easier to drive into the ground, the other made a thread length of 20 mm.At the bottom of the pipe at a distance of 70 cm from the edge of the drilled two holes - for incoming and outgoing wires.Slipping into the tube wire, he drove her to the desired depth.On top of the thread Senin clocked cheapest light with black base and karbolitovym screwed gland.The final touch - the connection wires to the lamp holder - and that's durable and inexpensive lamp is ready.
Let cozy light will appear in your garden!
And ideas for hand-made lanterns can be found in the topic of our forum.It is also suggested to watch this video on smart lighting system of a country house.