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16 April 2016

In today's market there are a lot of options for heating a detached house - from the solid fuel boilers and heat pumps finishing.Although most homeowners believe that a gas boiler to heat the house profitable forumhouse.ru users are well aware that under certain conditions it is - is not the best solution.

Due to the constant rise in energy prices and the high cost of connectivity, many developers are concerned about the following issues:

  • there an alternative to the gas bandwagon?
  • What features can be in different heating systems?
  • How to calculate the price of a particular type of fuel?
  • advantageous to use solid fuel heating system?
  • As heat a house with electricity and not go broke?
  • Can replace the traditional heat pump heating system?

And the answers to these questions will help you find experts and users of our forum!

main criteria for choosing a heating system

construction experience says that when choosing a system must take into account many factors.For example: the accessibility o

f a particular type of fuel, the estimated monthly cost of heating, climate and living conditions of heat loss at home.

agree that heat the house in a temperate climate - this is one problem, and the very different requirements for heating in cold regions and multi-month heating season.

The efficiency of the heating system at home depends not only on the thermal characteristics and fuel efficiency of the boiler, but also on the design features of the house and the degree of heat.

Poorly insulated housing negates the work of the high-performance heating system!

Therefore, the choice of heating systems and boilers should begin at the design stage of your future home.Any of experienced developers would agree with the statement that there are no details, and any errors or defects can lead to costly rework.

So, first of all consider gas heating.

Head of heating systems company "My fireplace" Alexander Hadynsky:

- Selection of the heating system depends primarily on what communications are brought to the house.If mains gas is already connected, then the choice of fuel usually ends, becauseat the moment at the expense of heating the house mains gas is considered the best solution.

also necessary to consider ease of use of the heating system in the various modes of accommodation: the daily regime of the day, one-time visits.Only after weighing all the "pros" and "cons" you can choose the best option.

In the absence of the main gas heating is possible to build houses on LPG, the so-called gas-holder - a sealed container, a buried on the site and require periodic charging.

Pros liquefied natural gas as the main is - clean exhaust, the ability to install compact chimneys and small boilers.

With all the advantages of this system it has a number of drawbacks.

CEO "house engineering systems" Anatoly Gurin :

- The main disadvantage gasholder include expensive plant, fueling inconvenience, obtaining permits, the need for periodic maintenance of highly qualified personnel.In addition, the gas tank takes up space on the site.

Head of "Boilers» WIRBEL Igor Larin:

- When installing gas-powered equipment developer needs to be done to coordinate the project and the boiler, to sign a service agreement and so on. D. Also, the developer is totally dependent on suppliers"blue" fuel.

Choice of fuel and hence the boiler equipment depends on the extent of its availability in a particular region.If there is a main natural gas, the choice is obvious in his favor, if not - then it is necessary to evaluate the cost and availability in the area of ​​other fuels for heating.

What can replace the gas?

Advantages of gas are well-known, but they are often offset by the extremely high price for his summing up.What are the alternatives?

Liquid fuels

Diesel heating - require expensive and complex installation of equipment.

need to find space for a fuel tank.Diesel is unique and not all pleasant smell.Also, due to the constant rise in prices for diesel fuel hydrocarbon fuel heating is considered one of the most expensive ways to heat a home.Among the main advantages of this type of heating is possible to allocate a high degree of automation of the boiler and the widespread prevalence of diesel fuel.


Electric boilers are easy to use, environmentally friendly, safe and quiet.

Alexander Hadynsky:

- However, at low initial cost to purchase equipment heated by electricity is very expensive, while power outages can stay and no heating and no hot water.Also, electric boilers require a separate wiring, and if it exceeds the capacity of 9 kW - three-phase network of 380 V.

addition there are electric boilers heating appliances such as electric heaters and infrared heaters.

The advantages of electric heating convectors and infrared heaters are the lowest initial cost and simplicity of the device hardware.You do not have to engage in conduct or arrangement of boiler heating pipes.It would seem - took the device out of the box, turned on and enjoy.But, as practice shows, not so simple.

Civil Engineer Oleg Dunayev :

- well warmed house can be successfully heat electric heaters only if there is sufficient electrical capacity.

Among the advantages of this type of heating can be distinguished:

  • a high degree of efficiency of the equipment;
  • ease of installation;
  • presentable appearance;
  • safe use;
  • programmable power-saving modes.

By cons are:

  • additional costs for high-quality wiring;
  • increased requirements to the quality of power supply components.

Unlike the boilers, for the installation of the convector or IR transmitter does not require the presence of pipe-laying and heating medium, thus decreasing inefficient energy consumption for heating the coolant, the boiler and pipes, reduces heat loss.

It is important to know the basic criteria for the selection of such a heating system.

Oleg Dunayev :

- Select this: the power of the convector - up to 1.5 kW (over - melted plug and burn relay).

Programmer - with its power supply (if power is turned off the settings are saved).On 10 sq.m.Square takes approximately 1kW power convector.

Eletrichestvo - 380V, 3-phase power is permissible - at least 15 kW.Posting section - 3h2,5 sq.mm. install a direct line convector and connect no more than three convectors per line.

Heaters are best hung at the window about 15 cm from the floor.

Electrical heating is often considered one of the most expensive ways to heat your home.It would seem that cheap heating with electricity - is a myth.However, the user of our forum Alexander Fedortsov (nick Offline Skeptic ) by example refutes this assertion.

- I self-built brick house in a well-warmed foundation UWB.At first, the project was supposed to heat the house in an area of ​​186 sq.m.solid fuel boiler.After some thought, I decided that I do not want to become a fireman, and it is better to use night tariff and warm water in a makeshift storage tank at 1.7 cub

Water heated by electric heating elements per night up to 50 C, can successfully heat the house in winter with water floor heating system.And you can monitor the temperature using homemade regulator.

Alexander Fedortsov:

- TA in the boiler room, I put on a piece of foam density of 35 th and 10 cm thick. Well insulated storage tank - 20 cm of rock wool on top of the tank, on the walls - 15 cm. Cansay that heating costs for December totaled 1.5 thousand. rubles.In January, it clocked up no more than 2 thousand. Rubles.

solid fuel

firewood, charcoal, briquettes.

Alexander Hadynsky:

- boiler for solid fuels (coal, wood) requires constant attention, virtually turning it into a host fireman.These boilers can be used in places where not announced any gas or electricity.They are the most affordable and cheap.When using solid fuel boilers is especially important to observe fire safety measures.

Igor Larin:

- The degree of autonomy from the solid fuel boilers can be increased by using the system buffer tank - the storage tank.Thanks TA accumulates heat and reduces the number of bookmarks in the boiler.

The average time of solid fuel boiler on one tab is at least 3 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.The thermostat controls the flow of air into the combustion chamber, and provides protection against overheating of a special valve and heat exchanger from overheating protection.

When using solid fuels the need to communicate with the companies that supply gas and obtaining permits for the installation of the boiler is not necessary.All regulated SNIP, which must be followed during the design and installation of heating equipment.You should also follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of fire safety.

In some cases (for example, as a backup heating system in case of power failure), it makes sense to establish a multi-fuel boiler, or combine several heaters.

Alexander Hadynsky:

- often using an additional boiler to increase the degree of automation solid fuel boiler, for example, is connected to the circuit, electric boiler or fireplace with a water circuit.

Combined boiler - the most expensive of domestic boilers.Typically, these types of boilers are combined immediately three types of boilers - solid fuel, electric, gas or oil burner.In the event of a power outage is better to connect an uninterruptible power supply that will allow during power outages continue to work the equipment to 48 hours.

Igor Larin:

- combine different devices to heat your home, of course, possible and even necessary, especially in regions where there may be shortages of fuel.

practical is the system where the combined solid fuel boilers with wood-burning fireplaces, t. E. The system includes an additional heat source (fireplace), which supports and accelerates the heating system.

benefit from the use of multi-fuel boiler lies in the possibility to combine the two types of fuel in the same equipment.For example, in a boiler with two furnaces one can burn solid fuel (wood, coal, briquettes), and the other to set the burner (diesel or pellet).Thus, the homeowner, as the case may be convenient to choose a kind of heating.

today also very popular pellet boilers

Anatoly Gurin :

- The undoubted advantages of pellet heating systems are: autonomy, its relatively low cost of electricity and diesel fuel with propane.Among the minuses can be noted that it is necessary to find a place for the storage of wood pellets.

A low-quality pellets from the incomplete combustion reduces the efficiency of the boiler.

Thus he boiler requires weekly attention, becausenecessary to clean the burner and fill pellets.

Time of continuous operation of the boiler can be substantially increased through the installation of an additional bunker for pellets.

in recent years become increasingly popular alternative heating systems home, for example, built on the basis of the heat pump .

Anatoly Gurin :

- How it works - easy: heat pump transfers heat from the street to the house.The easiest way to introduce the heat pump as a refrigerator: Freezer - in the land, and radiator - in the house.

experience of using a heating system shows that, at a cost of 1 kWh of electricity, we get 5 kW of heat.

Despite the fact that such a heating system is known for more than a decade, many stopped by high initial costs required for its installation.

Heating System - a long-term investment in your home and, often, lower initial costs are offset in the future high price to pay for fuel and maintenance of the boiler.

benefits of using a heat pump:

  • low, 5 times less than electricity for heating homes, heating costs;
  • no emissions;
  • system needs no maintenance;
  • battery life: heat pump only requires electricity and power outages heat pump can easily be powered by gasoline generator.

more about alternative heating can be found in a special collection.

How do you know what is more profitable to heat the house?

price includes the cost of heating fuel.Universal fuel is equally suitable for each region or at home does not exist.Therefore it is necessary to do the calculation based on the specific situation.

Igor Larin

- When choosing a fuel can not be guided only by short-term profits, you need to focus on the long term.

example - no gas, and most likely will not, but there are companies around the timber, respectively, there will be (or already have) the producers of pellets.In this case, an effective solution would be to put the boiler on solid fuel, which can then make the pellet (by setting the lower door pellet burner).

may also be a situation where the gas should spend 1-2 years.At this time, you can put the boiler on solid fuel, and then insert the gas burner.

Anatoly Gurin :

- It is necessary to choose the cheapest fuel in the region.It is they who will be most advantageous to heat the house.For the objective of calculation is best to make the summary table that display the types of available heat sources, their costs of construction, operating costs and service life.

In the long term, it is important to take into account such factors as the ease of use of the heat source.Experience shows that whatever the cheapest fuel, its low price can cross the minimum degree of autonomy of the boiler and the higher degree of attention to the work of this equipment.

Alexander Hadynsky:

- It is necessary to conduct a brief analysis of the most likely ways of heating one or another type of fuel.

Knowing the power of the boiler, you can calculate the cost of heating costs per month.The approximate calculation - 1 kW is required to heat 10 sq.m.