Modernization extension with your hands

By Admin | Electrical Light
16 April 2016

Purchase thing is not giving a guarantee of quality and reliability.It is generally well-learned people FORUMHOUSE.Therefore, they often have to become masters of all trades.

We have already mentioned how to build a homemade crane or cement mixer.Now to talk about the modernization of the economy in such essential things as extension.

Trust, but verify!

This once again convinced a user of our portal with the nickname EvgenyCh, buying an extension cord on the reel.

cursory inspection revealed a number of deficiencies that put an end to the safe operation of this simple device.


- Extension I bought for 3108 rubles.Here are its specifications, according to the manufacturer: the maximum current - 16 A cable - PVA 3h2,5 mm cable length - 30 m. But that turned out to be really:

  • actual cable length was 28.8 m;
  • bad contacts in the plug are tight, and the neutral wire is pulled finger;
  • cut through wire insulation to block sockets;
  • actual cable size - about 2 square;
  • bad solder contacts and connections in the block of sockets;
  • not fix the cable on the reel;at full unwinding wires (for example, snatch) the entire load will go to the place of soldering;
  • coil rotates with great difficulty and in spurts.

Conclusion - extension operation as such is unacceptable and dangerous because:

  1. high probability of erosion fork at a load of 1 kW (4-5A) to fail or block heating outlets.
  2. due to violations of the wire insulation to block sockets may be short-circuited.
  3. unreliability of the whole structure entails the danger of work at its operation.

analyzing the problem, EvgenyCh came up with three options to solve it:

  1. Kick strip.
  2. exploit it, "as it is" - at your own risk.
  3. fix all the flaws of their own.


- I note that I have not got a defective product.Just very constructive and frank trash in the assembly is not allowed to use an extension in accordance with the stated characteristics.So I can only one way out - to do its modernization!

correct deficiencies extension

to modernize extension of our users require the following tools and accessories:

  • soldering at 40W;
  • cutter;
  • pliers;
  • puller isolation and obzhimnik;
  • knife, a hammer, an anvil;
  • interlining gun;
  • masking tape.


- All corrections took me three hours.After a complete analysis fork I started with crimping wires.

If there are no special tools for crimping wires, the wires can be put on the "spin" or tinned with.But this method is less reliable and requires regular pulling wires.

to seal the gap between the cable and the hole by tape wrapped wire under the cable entry plug.Then he made out a reel and started soldering block sockets.


- The algorithm is simple - to wriggle out of 4 screws, disconnect the unit from the front panel, wire bites, things apart and trimmed metal cloth in charge of the contact point, and then collect propaivayu.And for greater reliability, you can still pour hot melt.

In this remake of the extension has not ended.When assembling unit outlets revealed that one of the outlets is not the slot under the tab ground contact!To tab snaps into place and is not clamped in the assembly, the users of our portal had to cut a groove engraver.

engraver If not, or too lazy to cut a groove, then you can bite off a petal side cutters.

to repair a broken hub reel hole had to tie binding wire, and the curve of the hub shaft Align the hammer bit.To the cable began to wind a bobbin in the middle, EvgenyCh cuts in her groove back and started a cable.


- Preliminary on cable, I wrapped boss of the tape.The result was a limiter to protect the cable from relegation from the reel.

After all the manipulations have only completely assemble the extension.Users of our site may ask a question: was it worth all this effort, whether it was easier to collect extender independently of individual parts?


- I think that if you need an extension cord, it is best to do it yourself.For example, buy a cable KGhl 3h2,5, unlike PVSa he did not burst in the cold.Sockets and plugs is better to use high-quality - and waterproof, rubber-coated.

Reel - saw out of plywood or OSB, or buy a spool of 310 rubles.In my opinion, in this case do not have to worry about the build quality and reliability of contacts.After all you do for yourself!

By the way, a good and reliable coil can be made using advice Alekseya4177 :

- The coil can be made of 12 mm plywood and pieces of cuttings or tubes.

two circles of plywood segments connect pins through cuttings.Reliance is made of plywood, and crashed into a circle two sockets.

Despite the fact that the home-made by our user gets no worse industrial designs, such as the snow thrower from the chainsaw, before going to the store, you must carefully calculate everything.


- Before buying the extension option samostroya I kept going, but because of the recent rise in prices rose strongly cable, so homemade extender would come out more expensive purchased.

If you plan to connect an extension cord with a heavy load (welding machine or a powerful grinders) must be completely unwind the wire from the spool or reel.If you do not, the wire may be melted, and the power - fail.


- winded wire is an inductor, in which the process is accompanied by additional heating wires.

If the appliance connected to the mains through nerazmotanny wire is at the moment when, thanks to the phenomenon of self-induction with a chance of a power surge.This increases the voltage on the instrument is switched on, and the device may break.

whole process of modernization and extension clearly set out in detail in this topic.A complete set of professional power tools collected zdes.Temy users of the site with a description of the manufacture of useful DIY, are in this section of the forum.

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