Frame and modular home

By Admin | Rural Homes
28 April 2016

Hive Modular, the company selling the finished frame and modular homes in the United States, recently introduced its new development: a house made from environmentally friendly materials and is packed full of high-tech management systems at home.

new house X-Line 003 is designed for one family, and includes 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.Also, it boasts clean lines and graceful interior.

Today there are many companies involved in the development of modular construction of houses, but not all of them are released for sale their homes.

Even the house has a rather high cost.In contrast, Hive Modular offers a cost affordable to homeowners skeleton modular homes.

This company has become the most popular supplier of frame-unit housing the inhabitants of America.

EXTERIOR new house X-Line 003 made of fiber cement, steel and local cedar, which is characterized by low operating costs, and meets all the standards of environmental safety.

interesting feature of the landscape architecture around the house i

s the choice of material for the construction of a retaining wall.

Instead of conventional concrete were used gabion basket - large metal baskets filled with crushed stone, which in America is usually serve as retaining walls on the sides of highways.

Not only do they last longer than concrete, but also more cost-effective.

interior of the house meets all the needs of modern man, including enviable bright red kitchen from Ikea and custom tables for the kitchen from Eastvold Custom Woodworks.

Completeness give exquisite interior elements of polished wood.

use of double-glazed windows with argon gas and Low E II covering doors and windows for maximum natural lighting homes.

In addition, the lighting system and the thermostat house controlled by the application iPhone.Thus, the owner, even absent, can monitor what is going on inside the house.