What you need to know about air conditioning

By Admin | Ventilation
18 April 2016

What factors should be taken into account, buying air-conditioning?

Air - a household appliance.The most important here is not the device as such, and the conditions of how well the mount will be made and the degree of professionalism of its service and warranty service.

factor reliability of the device for a long period is considered the authority of those firms which bought the device and that it is mounted, and the professionalism of the staff that performs these tasks.

turns out that most of the failures that occurred in the climate system in recent years have been the result of problems with the installation of air conditioning non-professional workers and companies, which have little experience in this area.

Question conditioning facilities capable of solving extremely firm, which have experience in providing such services.These firms generally provide a range of services - from selection to installation and maintenance of the equipment, while keeping highly qualified personnel and signific

ant technical capabilities, including - a warehouse of spare parts.

None solid enterprise, whatever its scope, will not offer you innovative technology and good service at low prices.
not trust the technology at low prices and free installation.

Turning to specialized firms that provide the service of climate control facilities, ask the opinion of your friends and acquaintances - who has established himself conditioners as they assess the level of operation and the quality of services, whether they are faced with difficulties in the warranty or maintenance of air conditioners.

presence of devices the most well-known brands, with the latest technical developments, it is not indicative of the absence of problems that relate to the level of training and professionalism of serving staff who produce selection, installation and equipment of devices.

For this purpose it is necessary to give preference to specialized companies, as well as to make sure that the duration of presence on the market and allow the professional staff to carry out the tasks that you are at it imposes:

  • Find out what services you can get.
  • Ask whether the company has the necessary licenses and permits required to carry out the relevant work.
  • Find out in what time frame will complete all the work, including the installation of air conditioning.

Do not forget to select the equipment and the place of its installation, the manager - the designer should visit the room where the air conditioner will be placed.

signing the agreement on the installation and maintenance of equipment, pay attention to the fact that the text of the agreement contains a list of services that have been previously agreed, and terms of fulfillment of works on installation of the air conditioner.

During installation of the air conditioner, let experts carry out all the work as needed, and slowly - because of the quality of work performed often depends on the duration of the life of your device.Having a job, ask the workers to teach you the main methods of work with the equipment.

The choice is yours.And let it be correct.