Ceiling fans to the country

By Admin | Ventilation
17 April 2016

Ceiling fans provide coolness in the room without changing the temperature of the air inside the room!

How?Moving the air!Moving air is constantly moving heat generated by our skin.

moving air, ceiling fans give us the opportunity to feel as if the temperature would be 4 degrees lower.

Before buying a ceiling fan, measure the room dimensions (length x width x height), select the correct size ceiling fan.

When choosing a ceiling fan, keep in mind that if the room is large, it would take 2 or more fans

Installing a ceiling fan.

If the ceiling in the room is low, the ceiling fan can be installed close to the ceiling;If the ceiling is high, then you must install the rod hanging down.

If you've ever worked with the electrician, then you will not be difficult to install a ceiling fan: you only need to remove the existing ceiling electrical box and install the box that came with the ceiling fan.

Conventional ceiling it is necessary to change the box on the box of ceiling fans.

Boxes ceiling fans mus

t be installed on the ceiling rafters.

In most cases, conventional electrical boxes are not strong enough to hold heavy ceiling fan, as well as strength of the blades.

These fans have specially selected the powerful bolts and deep-drilled holes.

For safety, turn the circuit before working on the electrical fuse and turn off all electrical appliances in your home at the time of testing the ceiling fan.

After you install a ceiling fan box, proceed to the installation of fan blades.Use a stepladder.

would do well to ask someone in your family help you apply the necessary tools.

When installing the fan pay attention to the fact that the distance between the ceiling and rotating blades is not less than 25 cm., The distance from the floor to the ceiling fan was more than 2 meters, as people who have more than 1 m height.80cm.Risk of injury.