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14 April 2016
Lighting yard or plot in the dark using automation is becoming increasingly popular solution for many owners of private houses and cottages.Most often this is done using infrared motion sensors: they are affordable, effective and easy to use, safe for health and also save energy.
Selection of the optimal set of automation and lamps for it, the correct setting to fit your needs and connecting - not such a simple matter.The correct approach to the selection and installation of infrared sensors tell us, using a rich user experience
infrared motion sensor reacts to changes in infrared (heat) radiation surrounding objects, that is, turns on the lamp, when its range temperature changes (for example, human or animal body, running the engine of the car).
On the market today offer a lot of solutions for automating lighting: there are both individual sensors for installation in the scheme of the street lighting and floodlights with already built-in sensors.In some models of project
ors infrared sensors are combined, for example, acoustic sensors, which of course affects the cost.
Sasha :
- I should galogenki-1000W floodlight with motion sensor and acoustic sensor.Very comfortably.Drove home by car, when it is dark - a spotlight turned on.Bags has brought - turned off.A neighbor comes to visit - the spotlight is turned on, it shines.At night the dog zabrehala - spotlight once highlighted, you can look out the window - all at a glance.
Most modern infrared sensors are usually equipped with control light levels and time switch (timer) and provide for the setting of several parameters.
So regulator «sensitivity» ( Sens ) adjusts the value of the object to which the sensor will react - to minimize false positives, and the light is not lit in vain because each flown sparrow.Also, it is governed by a range sensor response (its range depends on the characteristics of the particular device).
Regulator « On Time » ( Time ) given the time period during which the light stays on after the last movement recorded by the sensor.Depending on the model, this period may be from several seconds to several minutes.That is, the device can be configured so that the light was on, while the owner, for example, comes from the gate to the door of the house or garage car.
From adjustment of the illumination threshold ( Lux or Day Light ) depends on whether your sensor is triggered, for example, at dusk or in the dark.That is, if the ambient light level is below a predetermined threshold value, the motion detection sensor is triggered, and the light will light up.
However, many forum users are used to automate very simple and inexpensive sensors, and additional "option" purchase separately.
MihailBB :
- Take the usual daily timer, configure it, for example, so that it works by time from 20.00 to 7.00.We have guaranteed load shedding during the day and included - at night.Further, through motion sensors clings where necessary, lamps - and all.
When choosing outdoor sensor should pay attention also to the characteristics of the device such as the viewing angle (produced models with a viewing angle of 180-360 degrees), dust and moisture protection and operating temperature range that yourAutomatic working without interruption in the heat and cold.
competent for outdoor lighting automation necessary to determine the territory in which the sensors need a job, and the number of light sources that are connected to them.
In selecting the site, it is important to take into account that the sensor only controls the visible area, the radius of its action is reduced even light structures.Glass is also an obstacle to the operation of the sensor, as delayed infrared rays.
There are several basic options for a possible connection of lamps with sensors to an electrical outlet.For example, many forum users at installation schemes provide an additional switch.It can be connected either in parallel with the transmitter (if coverage will be included as a signal of the sensor or manually), or sequentially (if automatic operation is possible only when the manual switch).For added convenience, many apply a combined scheme, as did forumchanin Sergey23rus .
Sergei 23rus :
- In the country section is equipped with lights and motion sensors, but there are times when it is necessary to illuminate the site is not up to him or staying at home.I came up to install a separate switch for motion sensors (Scheme Q1) and a separate - for all lighting, avoiding motion sensors (on the scheme - Q2).
Another option - to combine both switches in the same switch.
happens that is sufficient to cover the territory of one of the world spotlight, but the required coverage of the sensor is too large for a single device - for example, when in the house there is an additional entrance to the backyard.Then it makes sense to install multiple sensors connected in parallel to a single light source.Spotlight will be activated when any of the sensors.
Similarly, one sensor can work on the inclusion of a number of light sources are connected in parallel.It is important that the total power load connected lamps should not exceed the parameters of the power sensor, because when it is triggered will be included once all the lights.
way, use some bright and powerful light sources at home and yard are not necessarily sure forumchanin Ymya6 : dim LED tape light gradually fill the space around the perimeter of the house and land.Among their advantages - low power consumption, long service life, resistance to voltage, high and low temperatures.Here are some lighting using LEDs arranged for his home Dale85 .
Dale85 :
- Illumination connected via a light sensor automatically turns on in the evening, at dusk.She is an excellent substitute for light duty, covering half of the area: from one side of four meters from the house and the other two - six and eight meters.
Installation of motion sensors in different parts of the house and land - and on the porch stairs, in the garage, basement and closet, for illumination and pool area - makes life more comfortable and practical.Installation of these devices requires no special skills, it is easy to do yourself.
details on selecting lamp types, suitable to illuminate the area, can be found in this forum thread.Questions of automation of lighting suburban area Gameday discussed in this thread.To learn how to make the lighting in a beautiful country house, comfortable and varied, explains in this video.