American miniature houses

By Admin | Rural Homes
26 April 2016

size of American homes is constantly striving to decrease.And that after the last half century the average size of homes in the United States has become almost twice as much as the size of the average home in Europe.

indicators last year said that about 9% of American homes have become smaller.

In fact, reducing the size of open spaces in the US has a very different forms - from houses that resemble a wardrobe, to family homes in a few hundred square meters.

One of the extreme points of the diverse range of the so-called miniature houses.This structure, in fact, have many names - wee homes (tiny house), small housing or microdomains, but their main feature is that the total area of ​​about 6 square meters.m. And people actually live in them.

Epu house from the company Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Box House

You ask why?The reasons, in fact, different from economic to environmental and even purely psychological.

There were also families who liked microdomains.Not the tiny, of course, but still more modest size than usual.

present you the review o

f miniature houses, which are gaining increasing popularity among Americans.

small summer houses

Epu house from the company Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, measuring 8 'x 15' any cause to become a minimalist.


Rotorhaus offers its residents 36 square meters.m. of living space, divided into three zones - kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

38 square meters.m. House wee House can arrange to your liking, as well as add a few bedrooms.

Family house Box House, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a cube made of recycled wood and recycled materials.

For those family

House tiny Beach Chalet has an area of ​​40 square meters on which there are two separate bedrooms and a large common area.

For fans of traditional style housing constructions American company Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers a home with two or three bedrooms, with a total area of ​​70 and 80 square meters.m.