Warm plinth - Budget heating system with their own hands

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14 April 2016

Winter is coming to an end, as a matter of choice of the heating system still as relevant to users FORUMHOUSE.Despite the wide range of heaters, there is one system, to which the interest is constantly growing.Its name - "warm plinth."

Tell you about its features.

Termoplintus - a heater, installed instead of the normal floor.

MicroConverter As a matter of fact, the warm moldings can act both as the main heating system, and more.

Due to its small size - height of the industrial production of warm plinth is 15-20 cm and width of 3 cm, termoplintus fits well into any interior.


- Termoplintus similar to the standard plinth mounted across the bottom of the wall.Termoplintus made of metal and, more often, hot heat transfer fluid coming from the boiler.

Unlike conventional drip radiators, heating by using warm skirting does not take place due to convection currents, first heat the air, but at the expense of radiant energy are beneficial to humans.

Similar energy is released when hea

ting the house a stone oven, what gives details in this article .

often provides evidence that radiation heat transfer from component termoplintusa is 80% and the convection - 20%.Is it really?


- If you calculate the entire surface area termoplintusov installed in the room, it is clear why they have become a powerful source of soft radiant heat.

also has a similar effect underfloor heating system .

For example, take a room in the area of ​​16 sq.m.The room, along three walls of 4 meters in length, installed termoplintusa.Panel height - 14 cm. Thus, the total area of ​​the radiating surface plinth will be 1.68 meters

With a width of 3 cm panel upward convection heat flow, under the influence of the Coanda effect, a kind of "pressed" to the wall.Therefore, it does not mix with the rest of the mass of air in a room, and heats the inner surface of the overlying walls.

Thus, the wall, which is mounted under the warm plinth, at a height of up to 1.5 meters heated a few degrees above room temperature, which creates the feeling of thermal comfort at the people inside.

The experiment found out that for a comfortable state of a person, the room temperature should be about 16 ° C , with the proviso that the wall temperature is about 22 ° C .

system is easy to installation and operation.Coolant supply registers warm skirting through an ordinary collector using the circulating pump from any boiler.

list the main advantages of heating termoplintusom:

  • uniform heating of the entire room without the formation of "cold corner";
  • creating a heat curtain at the window, which is especially important in winter when large areas of glazing;
  • comfortable thermal mode saves energy becausedue to the predominance of radiation component does not require much heat the air, as in the convection heating;
  • no protruding parts and components allows the system to enter almost any interior.

warm plinth - do it yourself!

main and perhaps the most significant drawback of the purchase of the system - its high cost.

For example, the average 1-meter warm plinth panel with all the fixings is 2,500 rubles.

If this price to add the necessary components - liner collector, mixing unit, etc., the cost termoplintusa doubles.

Therefore chicken-A termoplintus decided to make himself.

necessary requirements - low cost and ease of manufacture termoplintusa at home.


- take "brainstorming", I decided to abandon the fin and make the panel of copper plates soldered to her tube.

Specifications homemade panel:

  • panel height - 140 mm;
  • inner tube diameter - 10 mm;
  • outer diameter of the tube - 12 mm.

neotozhzhёnnoy tubes made of copper sticks length of 6 m.

particular interest is the approach to manufacturing by the warm floor.For this chicken-A strip ordinary roofing copper grinder cut into 4 strips.

tubes are soldered to the panel sanitary soft solder containing 3% copper, with a gas torch and flux.To avoid buckling of the metal in place of soldering, the main flame of the burner to be directed onto the tube.

to connect tubes and panels in the trunk chicken-A used pieces of pressure oil-resistant hoses.And put on the ends of the copper tubes, rubber tubes fastened screw clamps.


- At the time of manufacture of the system (including sewer and eyeliner) cost me less than 500 rubles.in terms of 1 meter panel.Now, in January 2015, this amount is due to inflation, is about 800-900 rubles.

Mounting warm plinth

to prevent excessive heat loss in the attachment points on the wall panels forumchanin tacked strip izolona with reflective aluminized layer.On top of it, he bolted to the wall plumbing plastic clips.

This will, if necessary, repair, easy to remove the panel.

Each heated space from the collector conducted its path.Its total length, with the liner should not exceed 15-16 meters.The temperature is controlled by means of the mixing thermostatic boiler circuit through the three-way valve with servomotor.

as propylene glycol coolant is used.In addition, at the entrance to each room is fitted with thermostatic heads Thermovent.


- On refueling system took about 55 liters of coolant.At the same time, to fill the indoor circuits (total heated area of ​​100 sq. M), and it took 10 liter reservoir.35 l went to TT boiler elektrokotёl and highways.

To improve the heat transfer panels, chicken-A wanted to paint them first, but dismissed the idea, thinking that a natural copper color looks great in the interior rooms.


Homemade termoplintusy successfully work as the main heating system forumchanin home for 7 years.All For the warm plinth needed no repair.


- My house is well insulated.Depending on the weather, the temperature is controlled in the range from 50 ° C to 70 ° C.Only in the coldest winter I raised the temperature of the coolant to 80 ° C.

Feels chicken-A, thermal effects from working baseboards - very soft and pleasant.The air is not too dry.And thanks to radiant energy, the temperature of air in the building can be kept at 20-21 ° C.

also an improvement of chicken-A predlagaetuvelichit panel height from 14 to 19 cm. In his opinion, a fully compensates for the lack of a complex for the manufacture of self-fin tubes.

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