The air in a country house

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17 April 2016

main reason for the rapid development of cottage construction - is to be closer to nature, to feel its purity and pristine beauty.And this is where each of us can trap unpleasant surprises.

The fact that the air in a house built in the wrong place, can be poisoned by life outside the city in nature can be much more dangerous than in an apartment in the city center and turn into a tragedy.

If you want to live in the country for the benefit of yourself you should be aware that because of the ground, anywhere, can be allocated natural gas - radon.

places where there is often the presence of radon in the soil vary widely, but most of the presence of gas is observed: in the Urals, Altai and Stavropol Territories, Rostov and Chita regions and others. Russian regions.

example, Statistics Sweden about ten percent of the country live in soils with a high content of radon.About three thousand people in Sweden die from lung cancer.According to estimates of experts, about 500 people have died from excess co

ncentrations of radon in their homes.

What is Radon

Radon - gas and rare element, has no smell, no taste.It affects the respiratory system, causing cancer that leads to death.

Its main location of the Earth's crust.It is formed in the locations of radioactive ores and gradually passes through layers of the earth, it is supplied to the surface in the atmosphere and hydrosphere.Forming radioactive ores radon, a toxic product.During its decomposition produces radioactive non-volatile compounds (isotopes of Po, Bi and Pb), which are difficult excreted.

spite of its toxicity it is used in medicine.Radon-containing water is used in the treatment of respiratory and digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, gynecological diseases, bones, joints and muscles, metabolic diseases, and others.

Benefits and harms

Radon Radon - one of the most dangerous radioactivetoxic elements.Permissible radiation from radon to 10 times less than the permissible dose of beta - and gamma radiation.For the person not the dangerous radon and its decay products, they then give all the radioactive radiation: alpha rays - malopronikayuschie but very vigorous;beta-rays;hard gamma radiation.

If large doses radon is dangerous, in the small of his successfully used for medical purposes.During physical therapy appointment are popular radon baths.Radon dissolved in water microdozes, has beneficial effects on the central nervous system and many other body functions.

as radon gets into our house

on the exposed surface of the earth, mixing with the air currents radon found in low concentrations, and therefore not dangerous.But indoors it can accumulate.In the room, he comes from the land: through the cracks in the concrete floor, via a dirt floor, in places O communications, gutters, drainage floor, etc.

radon in the room can get together with water from artesian wells, stand out from some building materials.Typically, radon accumulates in basements and ground floors of buildings.

How to win Radon

Before fighting with the presence of radon, you need to identify its source - the soil, water or building materials, and what is its concentration.When it is necessary to get from the soil ventilation system or a combined system of ventilation.

When radon comes from use in the construction of radioactive construction materials, in areas of high concentrations of the gas it is necessary to replace the building materials or install high quality ventilation - it also gives a good effect.