House in Provence style

By Admin | Rural Homes
25 April 2016
If you believe that everything old can be good, the cluttered shed in your garden will not be a nuisance.You will treat it as an opportunity to create a magical and unique place where everyone will be happy to spend time.Over four busy day we were able to bring in the courtyard of an old manor piece romantic Provence.

with the reconstruction of the house - this old utility room we have consulted together for 4 days, spending with almost a ton of stone, lost for two of about 2 kg of weight, and at the same time great fun.And at the same time every evening we enjoyed the atmosphere of the French countryside.

They used:

  • crushed stone cladding (700 kg);
  • stone pavement (around 300 kg);
  • construction adhesive - 75 kg;
  • shovel, a bucket of water;
  • pobeditovoe drill and drill, screwdriver, pliers and two candlesticks;
  • brushes, paint boxes;
  • gravel, cement mixers and wheelbarrows;
  • dry mix for the track (sand and cement) and mixing container;
  • mixture to align the wall (sand, cement, Duvilax) and cap
  • nail stone saturating color, brush;
  • wooden beams and anchors;
  • flower pots with metal containers, soil and flowers.

Day One

Crushed stone are washed thoroughly with water, removing dirt and impurities.This is very important, they said - otherwise the adhesive will have adequate adhesion.With construction adhesive lined wall irregularities and finished her stone: Lower rougher and flat, and above continued thinner, crushed stone.Clay should not be too liquid, otherwise the stone will not stay on the wall.Finish this wall can be done by one person for 8 - 10 hours.

When you finish, they decided where they will lamps and drilled holes in the wall for iron hooks.The hole hammered dowels, screw pins and bent them so that in the end could safely hang the lantern.Later, around the hooks and the holes were drilled to an electric cable.But if your home is not an electrician, you can use the lights with candles.

Rusty old window frames are smoothed out and painted brown paint.So did the door.At the end of a hard day they were able to hang on hooks lamps, and they were able to admire his work.

second day

While under construction adhesive wall finish dries, they kneaded cement mixture for laying the pavement in front of house.To this mixture was applied to the base of the pavement, and on top of stacked large flat pieces of stone (not fine crushed stone, it is only suitable for walls) for these activities need strong hands and strong shoulders.

stone slab they were trying to pack so that the surface of the pavement was smooth as possible - given that they were not of the same thickness, this part of the work was relatively complex.After drying masonry, they implicated in the container dry mixture of cement and sand, and covered her sidewalk.Thoroughly mix will lay into all the cracks, they have watered the pavement with water and left him to freeze.

third day

right of stonework, which ends at the level of the first floor, they are fastened to the wall of a wooden board.It is visually finished laying the first floor, separating it from the second floor unrefined, and at the same time stressed masonry.Bracing rod fixed ties with thread in pre-drilled holes, and the back side of the wall from inside the premises reinforced beam nuts.

mixture was prepared for grouting (cement with sand and a bit of white glue) which is filled with a special pouch seam.Each time the mixture was made just enough to fill the bag, because it dries very quickly.Cutting off the corner of the bag to form a small hole through which the mixture is very carefully squeezed into the slot so as not to cover the stone.This action requires the attention and patience.

fourth day

After drying the mixture to joints, they treated all masonry paint, saturating the color of the stone, and emphasizes its texture.The store ordered iron containers of plastic flower pots.Color would be uncomfortable in iron pots, in addition, the iron in the summer heats up, which is bad for the roots of the plants.After dropping off flowers in pots, they hung them on hooks under the windows.

Editor: Roman Adamov