Abyssinian well - available source of water in a country house

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13 April 2016

Members FORUMHOUSE know that comfortable life in the country is unthinkable without a reliable water source.

So how to get water to the site?The first thing that comes to mind - to dig a well or to drill artesian wells.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

example, water well drilling - is expensive and requires special equipment and self-digging of the well under the force is not for everyone.

However, there is a third, more affordable option - Abyssinian well, or as it is called - "the needle."

What Abyssinian well?

Abyssinian well water intake is a metal or plastic tube with a diameter of 2.5-4 cm, set in the aquifer to a depth of 10-15 m.

At the bottom of the tube is filter and tip well, so-called "needle".On top of the pipe is installed hand pump or pumping station, run on electricity.


- Abyssinian well attract suburban residents the opportunity to solve the problem of water supply of your site, baths and even a country house of residence without arriva

l of heavy machinery.

Performance Abyssinian wells, depending on the "power" of the aquifer can reach 3-5 m3 per hour.

Among the advantages of the Abyssinian wells can be noted:

  • relative cheapness.The well can be done independently, and everything necessary for its devices - to buy at the next construction market.
  • The high speed of production.The average device such wells takes several hours.
  • simplicity.The well can be arranged in a limited space (for example, in the subfield home basement or garage), as well as anywhere in the area.
  • device for wells not require the use of special heavy drilling machinery or equipment access roads for motor vehicles.
  • long service life.Properly arranged the well may produce fresh water for many years.

Durability wells depends largely on the chemical characteristics of the aquifer and the efficiency of its filter.


- A good filter can do: buy a thick galvanized pipe length of 1.5 m.

Cut the thread with the spirit of the party.At the bottom of the tube is screwed pointed tip "needle" (it pushes soil) diameter by 20 mm larger than the diameter of the pipe (junction with the tube tip can boil for strength).

from the bottom of the tube back down to 0.5 m. This distance is left to the sump under the sand.Then, every 50 mm, staggered drill holes with a diameter of 10 mm.Section of the pipe with holes winding stainless steel wire with a diameter of 1.5 mm.Thereafter, further layers are wound in the two stainless mesh with holes of small diameter.

not boil mesh top and fasten it with clamps made of stainless steel.For better filtration tube can be geotextile wrap and secure it with steel clamps.

If the aquifer contains large amounts of impurities, and the filter is made Abyssinian well with technological problems, the well silted up, leading to a decrease in water quality and fast output well out of order.

For more information about the device filter Abyssinian well describes in this article .

shortcomings in the Abyssinian wells are:

  • device "needles" are not possible in each area.This is due to the geological characteristics of a particular area.Rule - Abyssinian well established "in the sand."If there is in the area of ​​thick layers of clay, large stones, limestone device such wells is often impossible or economically impractical.
  • Sincein the small-diameter hole can not install a submersible pump to lift water from the Abyssinian is necessary to use a pumping station.The distance from the top of the well to the water surface in the pipe should not exceed 8 m. The very "needle" can be hammered and 10-15 meters.If the distance to the water surface of more than 8 meters, you will have to install a pumping station below, for example, to dig a pit in the cellar or organize a caisson in the street.If the aquifer is lower (e.g., 20 or more meters), then the pumping station can not simply lift the water from that depth.

Where to start?

before taking the unit for the "needle", it is necessary to find out - whether you will approach this type of well.So first of all find out the depth of the aquifer and the type of soil on the site.

When choosing a water source should be guided by the existing water wells similar design, in close proximity to your site.And in their absence - exploratory drilling and other geophysical methods of reliable studies.

To search for water use different methods: from dowsing to geodetic maps that displayed soils and aquifers.

Also, much depends on the individual characteristics of the site.Therefore, the self-device "needles" should find out:

  • depth of occurrence of the aquifer.To do this, you can ask the neighbors about the level of water in their wells, as well as to measure the distance to the water surface.If the depth of the wells is not more than 12-15 m, and the distance to the water surface no more than 5-10 meters, then it is likely that the Abyssinian well be able to provide the house with water.
  • alleged water quality.Abyssinian well - a shallow borehole emplacement.This aquifer may be susceptible to bacterial and chemical contamination.Therefore, you need to find out in advance where there are septic tanks, cesspools, is there near the sources of chemical contamination.Sometimes, even at this stage, it is necessary to abandon the device Abyssinian wells.
  • think over the place for the device well.Often the "needle" equip in the house, for example in the technical area.Then, pumping stations and other equipment will be protected from adverse weather conditions and very well from freezing in winter (when permanent home).If the hole is supposed to equip the area, it is best to place it close to home.In this case, the entry of water into the house will have to dig a trench under the highway by staging the caisson or insulated cover, which leads to additional costs.

  • estimate the expected debit wells.It largely depends on the saturation of the aquifer.It can serve as an indirect indication of the level of water in neighboring wells.You should also find out if they dry up in summer.

good water-bearing formation at a "needle" is located in the core with a large (river) sand.


- The most perfect design of Abyssinian wells will not save if the aquifer has a low yield and low power.

If fluid loss is insignificant Abyssinian, have to re-buy and install water storage tank at 500-1000 liters.

fluid loss already arranged well you can learn so - note the time of filling measuring unit.For example, how much it is filled with 10-liter bucket.Repeat the procedure 2-3 times more, in 10-15 minutes without stopping pumping and get the average value - specific debit wells.

How to Abyssinian well alone?

There are two main ways the device Abyssinian well:

  • Clogging well steel "baba".

  • drilling by means of small-sized screw installation.

Sinceauger drilling requires a special and not always available equipment, then a closer look at the manual method the device well.

When driven well, "Baba" on the tube wear special steel ingots weighing 40-50 kg, with a hole in the center and two handles on the sides.On the tube attached "podbabok" - a special tightening bolts clamp."Podbabok", being a focus for the "woman", with all the energy of impact passes the pipe and "Trainspotting", which gradually enters into the ground.As we move deeper into the rock tube, pipe, one after another, through additional knee sleeve screwed up until the "needle" reaches the predetermined depth.

Also at the well head tube can be screwed special nozzle through which will be dealt a blow.This method of device Abyssinian wells demanding quality thread becauseon it falls heavy load.


- «Igloo" I collected on steel couplings and tow (flax) with pasta, ascast iron fittings from the blows may burst.While driving constantly pulled up column key clockwise.

To control the depth of the column, and to facilitate the passage of the soil into the tube filled with water.

Upon reaching the aquifer, the water with the characteristic noise away from the pipe.You can then finish off the column for one more meter (to filter all the water was in the reservoir) and try to pump the "needle".


- When filling the water in the pipe, it can go either in the space between the pipe and the clay / dry sand or into the aquifer.Rock the column manual piston pump.And then connect the electrical.


- After driving my first Abyssinian was muddy water with fine sand and a suspension.

After pumping about 500 liters of clean water has gone.Somewhere after 1000 liters of water was used for drinking.

As the pumping wells and namyvaniya around the filter "needle" water lens, the water will go all the purer and purer. more information about this method of device Abyssinian wells described in this article.

There is another way of plugging the well - from the inside of the pipe, using a metal rod - thick rebar.


- I think it is better not to score well, "Baba" and bars.

This sluchaearmatura hits the back of the "needle" that is located at the head of the first section of the pipe upstream of the filter.The tip must be well welded to the pipe.


- Armature I scored well: dug a hole about half a meter deep, and set it in the first tube with the tip.

tripod placed over the pipe and through the block, on a cable and lowered into the pipe steel bars weighing 40 kg.He killed on the swing.

If the weight of the bar is not enough, with the deepening of the well to each other are screwed the new boom sections.


- I came to the conclusion that inch pipe to score better on the outside "baba", and a quarter-inch pipe is better inside the bar.

method of plugging the well rod device eliminates the possibility of "needle" in a confined space such as a subfield.

It would seem that the device is a driven well is to use only a strong metal pipe.However, a user with the nickname FORUMHOUSE Maxim Sanych managed zabitpolipropilenovoy pipe!

- I did not want to use a tube of ferrous metal or galvanized.Tube stainless steel is expensive.Therefore, I decided to score a polypropylene tube.I bought a 6 m pipe sorokovke reinforced with fiberglass.I did meter filter rod and scored well from the inside.Everything works fine.The tube is not broken.Now, I think and neighbors to do so.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the standalone unit Abyssinian well is not highly complex task, and the correct approach to any of the forces!

«Needle" - hit or drill?The answer is here.Passion Abyssinian well played on this topic.Photo report of the independent device Abyssinian well here.

Learn how to select a pumping station users can FORUMHOUSE in this topic.

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