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By Admin | Ventilation
16 April 2016

constant air space with the exterior of the property allows you to remove the gaseous products of human activity (carbon dioxide, water vapor, cooking odors, and so on. D.) And smells of finishing materials, furniture and office equipment.How can this be done?

The cottage is equipped with a ventilation system Despite the fact that the houses belong to the class of elite housing and accumulate a lot of advanced building technologies in the field of heating, glazing, plumbing and finishes, often their ventilation equipment is reduced to the traditional natural draft.To see this, just look at the roofs of houses in cottage settlements.They are usually decorated with a fireplace and chimney headroom exhaust ducts located in the thickness of the interior walls.

In terms of comfort ventilation are not very different from holiday apartments "hruscheby."The matter of purely physical principles of operation of natural ventilation.The driving force for causing the external fresh air to enter the premises, walking along the corridor to the exhaust grilles in t

he kitchen, bathrooms and toilets, taking with them the dirty air is the pressure difference between the outdoor and indoor usage associated with changes in temperature, wind.This thrust, which determines the intensity of the air is proportional to the temperature difference and the height of the house.Since the vacation homes of low-rise, traction is poor, even in winter.

Window valve summer when temperature equalization inside and outside the premises, she almost disappears, and all hope remains on the wind flows.Without the use of mechanical ventilators in the warm season full ventilation can not be achieved.The situation is further aggravated by the massive use in the cottage building today sealed with double-glazed windows.Natural hood is always offset by the influx of outside air through the cracks in the old "carpenter's shop."Since modern windows are no more slots, in a residential area there are particular problems associated with stagnant air: stuffy, humidity, condensation water on the insulating glass in the cold season, fungus and mildew on the slopes and walls.

Often tenants do not use the possibilities of opening the valves for ventilation by means of accessories due to appear again, drafts, penetration of external noise and precipitation, for fear of unauthorized outsiders during their absence.Although natural ventilation quality corresponds to the status a little expensive suburban housing, it is widely used as almost free of charge, does not require the cost of operation and maintenance.There are also purely psychological reason - people are not yet accustomed to the fact that in the clean air you have to pay as well as for clean water and food.

Exhaust system BXL 889 provides air flow of 12 to 70 m3 / h at 100 Pa. C on the other hand, in the cottages can be used and applied fully mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation.The range of equipment available on the market is very large.For the organization of air in the house is organized on the air supply duct directly into the living room and the removal of dirty air from the back rooms.Since the movement of air is under the influence of mechanical impulses, such systems can accurately computed in the design and to be independent of outside weather conditions.There are many additional functions such as filtering, heating, dehumidifying or humidifying the outside air, the use of heat exchangers for the partial use of the heat of the exhaust air.

But for fun, as you know, have to pay.Ceilings are needed for the installation of air ducts, silencers to reduce the noise of the ventilation system must be maintenance, consumables and power.The cost of such a ventilation system can make a significant portion of the construction budget and relatively inexpensive cottages and country houses become unacceptable.

At the same time, there is a compromise solution.Over the last 25 years the French company "AERECO" makes humidity controlled ventilation system, which is equipped with more than 2 million. Facilities around the world.This combined system where a mechanical extractor is only provided fans of different power and purpose.The influx is through passive wall or window valves, allowing several times to reduce costs compared with fully mechanical ventilation.

Installed in a shower hood BXS. device suspended ceilings and air ducts is not required, since their role is played by the living rooms and corridors.Even if the house has been built with an imperfect arrangement of natural ventilation, it can always be translated into the ventilation "Aereco" with minimal alterations without secondary repair.

Air exchange for this technology is organized depending on the moisture (contamination) of indoor air, iefinally, the presence of people and the intensity of their activity that allows you to automatically reduce the airflow in the empty spaces, saving up to 40% of the thermal energy used for heating the ventilation air, which is very important in regions with difficult power supply and limits on the power connection of an apartment house