How to clean the water of excess iron?

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12 April 2016

FORUMHOUSE readers are well aware that even in artesian well water quality is poor.

most common suburban homeowners faced with an excessive iron content in the water.

The first sign of this - rusty smudges on the plumbing and yellowing of your laundry.

What to do?You can order the installation of water treatment plant in a specialized firm.The truth is it is costing a lot of money.


- I drilled a well on the site.A lot of water.

At first sight, it is crystal clear, but much stinks iron and even the taste gives rust.

if you pour it into the jar, then after 12 hours it begins to turn yellow, and a day later at the bottom of brown precipitate falls.So I decided to make the analysis of water, and there you are:

  • pH - 6.93;
  • total hardness - 6.2 mEq / L;
  • calcium hardness - 5.0 mEq / L;
  • total alkalinity - 0 / 2.4 mEq / L;
  • chloride - 2.52 mEq / L (89.5 mg / l);
  • total iron - 19.13 mg / l;
  • iron II - 16.85 mg / L;
  • iron III - 2.28 mg / l;
  • sulfate - 18.8 mg / l;
  • oxidation - 4 mg / l.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), safe for the health of the level - if the iron content of the water does not exceed 2.3 mg / liter.


- In order to purify the water with such a composition, with the changing needs of 150 thousand. Rub.(For proprietary treatment plant).

Is there a way to save money?Users of our website offer his decision - to mount an effective and inexpensive iron removal station for yourself!

Before you get to work, you need to know: what is your iron in water and the degree of concentration, asIt depends on the efficiency of the installation.You also need to find out: whether in the water of any pathogens and harmful chemicals.Otherwise, a water purification from iron is necessary.Therefore, first of all, should be returned to the water at the laboratory analysis!

iron in the water contained in two basic forms:

1. Ferrous iron - it is soluble in water.

why this water (for example, after collection from a well) seems to be clean and transparent.

But if to pour it into the open container and allowed to standing for some time, the iron by oxygen dissolved in water is oxidized gradually and falls to the bottom as a yellowish brown precipitate.

2. ferric - insoluble in water.With his increased concentration of water right it has a distinctive yellowish tinge.

most often in the water contains dissolved ferrous iron.

Operating principle obezzhelezivayuschey treatment plant based on the fact that the ferrous iron in contact with oxygen in the air is oxidized and turned into trivalent precipitates.One can only accelerate this process, for which the water is further oxygenated.


- My water treatment system works.In the well installed submersible pump.It pumps water into a barrel of 250 liters in volume.Top barrel covered with a lid with holes.On the lid, upside down, I found the usual plastic 10-liter bucket.In the center of the bucket on the barrel lid, set the nozzle to water, like watering of the soul directed to the bottom of the bucket.

water is pumped under pressure emitted from a hole in a watering can and hits the bottom of the bucket.When you hit the water is broken down into the water to limit dust and saturated with oxygen.Then a drop of water is already enriched with oxygen running down the walls of the bucket and through holes prosverlёnnye fall back into the collection barrel.

Thanks "dushirovaniyu" maximum water saturated with oxygen, and iron rapidly precipitates.


- So, I realized aeration.Itself a barrel filled with water automatically.The water level is regulated by varying the length of the electrodes.As soon as the water level drops, the immersion downhole pump.

After the water tank mounted forumchanin another pump, which maintains the necessary pressure in the water system of the house.After the pump is installed homemade column - capacity for filler-cation, which further purifies and softens water.

columns are made of plastic pipe with a diameter of 20 cm. The ends of the tube closed with plastic plugs forumchanin heels as rubber gaskets used on the camera.

capacity with cation exchanger must be cleaned regularly, the reverse flow of water.


- Washing takes about 45 minutes.This disables the downhole pump, and all the water from the collecting drums and columns in series (this switching valve) is discharged into the sewer.

The more iron contained in the water, the faster "slёzhivaetsya" cations.Therefore, to calculate the frequency of washings taken following meaning: on average 1 liter of cation (eg AU) absorbs about 1 gram of iron.

Based on the analysis of water and water consumption is calculated the frequency of washes.The standard rate of flushing - one every 7 days.


- Even with a small water consumption washing must be done not less than 1 time in 2 weeks.If you regularly do backwash, then it is likely that the filler is greatly clogged with iron, and it will have to pick out from the column spatula.

It should be remembered that the sewer backwash simultaneously dumped a lot of water!Therefore it is necessary to calculate in advance its capacity.

water purification system Valexs- and operated for more than four years, which proves its effectiveness.On installation of the system and purchase of all necessary equipment forumchanin spent only 15 thousand. Rub.

Although the station is working fine, the user of our site with the nickname Andre.voda offers improved installation.

- I would not recommend using a bucket, and the inverted barrel with a neck of smaller diameter than the cumulative barrels.The longer the barrel, where the aeration and better.

These water purification systems from iron have become so popular among the members of the forum, we can talk about a series of home-made non-pressurized aeration systems.


- I iron levels in the water - 48 mg / l.Many wondered how to solve the problem and came to the conclusion that forced aeration - the best way to purify water from excess iron.Since

the amount of iron in the water rolls over, Oak oak upgraded aeration-mounted system of three barrels of 500 liters each.

To accelerate the process of oxidation aeration is carried out round the clock.

All the air flow supplied by the compressor, is 3000 liters / hour.Finally forumchanin could reduce the level of iron in water to 0.15 mg / l!

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