What if there is no electricity in the area?

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11 April 2016

Building your own home - troublesome and responsible.Once you have to solve a lot of problems.And one of the most important of them - the lack of electricity in the area.What if building a house looming on the horizon, it was necessary to equip the site more "yesterday," and there is no electricity?Members FORUMHOUSE offer several ways out of difficult situation.

  1. Wait, when the site still be connected to the grid.
  2. provide electricity for only a minimum set of energy consumers.
  3. buy petrol or diesel generator and "sit" on it.
  4. Build fully autonomous power supply.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.For example, the connection to the electric networks and the allocation of the required power can last for an indefinite period of time.Centralized power supply, especially with a dedicated capacity of 15 kW, allows you to easily use the powerful building trade and maintain a full erection of the house.However, not uncommon when people have time to build the site and get the econ

omy and the central power as there was no and no.And what - to continue to wait, postponing all cases?Not at all.You can start a new life in the country and no centralized electrical supply!

Electricity minimally


- We are just beginning to settle in the country.Electricity promise to hold next year.Here I think - temporarily do without electricity: cook food, lamp, laptop plug, I hope to help members of the forum.

-Olesya Olga:

- I lived in the country without electricity for 10 years.Food cooked on a gas stove with two small, plugging cylinder 5 liters.


- We too are living without electricity for the third year, prepare a meal on the gas stove.For the season 3-4 gas cylinders enough for 5 liters.I think to buy gasoline generator, but frightened by the noise of his work.

By the way, another problem in the absence of electricity becomes impossible to store perishables.After all, nowhere to plug the refrigerator.However, in any situation people find a way out of our site.


- If there is a well on the site, the products can be stored for a long time there, after thrusting them into a sealed plastic bag and lowered into the water.

This method can also be useful in the event of a power outage in the already-built cottage.You can also use a portable Autorefrigerator that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

addition to the standard set for a life without electricity - matches, candles and a flashlight on the battery - there are other ways to ensure a minimum level of comfort in the country.

For example, using the advice Arnifo, can make autonomous neon lights.For this taken neon lamp and converter with 12 volt high voltage.

system is connected to the battery, which is pre-charged car charger.

Due to the low power consumption of such ersatz lamp is enough for 100 hours of continuous operation, and the brightness of light is enough to illuminate the rooms at night.


- live without electricity - the more fun.So I gathered a battery system for low energy consumers.We have enough to not sit in the dark on the site.

done so, such a system: take the power supply - car battery (you can even take the truck - more capacity and battery life) and charger.The battery is only used to connect low-powered household appliances: a small TV, lighting system that uses energy-saving light bulbs.The disadvantage is that the battery has to be recharged.In addition, all appliances must be powered by direct current at 12 V, or have to raise an additional inverter to convert the direct current from the battery into alternating.


- Despite the simplicity and low cost, the main problem of this system is that you have to lose time on the battery charge.

also have to constantly think about what you can include and what not.Electric not vospolzueshsya.By the way, even in expensive standalone power systems can not simultaneously include several powerful energy consumers.

thought about alternative sources of electricity, such as wind generators, but it is difficult and expensive, need a high mast expensive by 15-25 meters.And the wind in our region little blow.

about how to choose a source of alternative energy, we can learn from this article.

Should I put GASOLINE?

Petrol - one of the most common methods of autonomous power supply at home or at the construction site.However, it has its own peculiarities.


- Each generator has a continuous service.


  • gasoline - an average service life of about 3000 hours.After development requires replacement or repair.Assuming that a clock generator is running, it is only enough for 125 days.
  • diesel generator - and has a life of 5,000 hours or more.This generator will run continuously for longer gasoline - about six months, after which also developed the resource.And given the high price of such a generator and diesel fuel quality, it is very wasteful.

  • even more expensive - low speed generators - will last 9,000-10,000 hours, and it is 416 days (just over a year).


- All the time to sit on the generator alone is not economically viable.Imagine you have lit a light bulb or working LCD TV, and all this time the window rumbles 5 kilowatt generator, spending almost wasted fuel.At a load of 1 kW generator consumes about 1 92 liters of gasoline per hour.

Currently no electricity, "extracted" by yourself, more expensive delivered energy networks.


- I believe that the operation of the permanent home with petrol or diesel generator is too expensive.After all, besides the usual appliances: microwave ovens, TVs, laptops, there is the cost of heating homes.

To calculate the necessary power generator, it is necessary to summarize the power of all consumers who plan to simultaneously connect to it.The generator is better to take with a reserve power, sincepower consumption when building a house is constantly growing.

addition, gasoline generator noise at work.This can be annoying the neighbors, especially if the generator is running constantly.

Although there Petrol inverter enclosed in absorbing hood, in any case, need to think about where to put the equipment to protect it from rain or snow.

Alternatively, you can put the generator in outbuildings, and an exhaust pipe output.

And if the building is insulated, the generator will be easier to start at low temperatures.


- I use a generator with a capacity of 600 watts.Are individually connected to it on the microwave 750 watts and 1500 watts circular saw, at the limit, but pulls.With the noise of a struggle so - on the exhaust pipe cling rubber-canvas hose 5 meters, becomes noticeably quieter.

autonomous power supply system

This system is the most advanced, but at the same time the most expensive and complex to implement.The main aspects that should be considered when it is selected.


- Shoveled whole forum made for myself concluded that wind turbines and solar panels as a means of providing power at home for permanent residence in our country are ineffective.Of course, much depends on the region.I chose this scheme: the system battery with an inverter, generator, battery charger and automatic generator start.

Although this option is very common, it is necessary to consider that a permanent undercharged battery, due to the limitation of time of continuous operation of domestic generator with 4 hours, eventually lead to a reduction in battery capacity.In addition, automatic (SAP), will stop the generator to reach the threshold for battery charge of 80%.


- If you sit on avtonomke need to minimize all electrical power at home: stove - gas boiler - gas heating - solid fuel, lighting - only energy-saving or LED bulbs.

autonomous power supply system at home - not a cheap.In addition it will have all the time think connected and at what point.For example, the vacuum cleaner will have to be switched on while the generator is running, so as not to put the battery.

For example - full powerful autonomous power supply system includes:

  • battery capacity - 1000-1500 Ah;
  • inverter and battery charger with charge controller 5 kW;
  • generator - 7 kW.

cost of all the equipment, including installation, may be more than one hundred thousand.Only in this case, you can count on a comfortable life in a house for permanent residence.

But the variant of the budget system and an autonomous power supply.


- I myself have gathered such a system:

1. Petrol 2 kW.

2. Battery - 800A / h.

3. Through the UPS from the computer connected TV.

4. Lighting: lamps on 12V and 220V.

In such a scheme works in the gasoline generator recharging only 2-3 hours a day.Monitoring forumchanin on a full charge of the battery capacity is enough for 4-5 days of continuous operation of low-power consumers, but then the batteries are slow to charge.And at arrival to the country only on weekends during the year it takes about 200 liters of gasoline.

For more information on backup power system at home told in this article .

story about making a backup power system from "A" to "Z" can be found here and here.How to choose and install a wind turbine and solar panels, please click here.How to save the products if the area light is turned off or not working fridge, FORUMHOUSE users can learn from this thread.

This video describes the heat pump.But this article's accompanying video to learn how to increase the electrical power in the house.