The draft of a new home

By Admin | Rural Homes
23 April 2016
first tip - Looking for a good portion

Before you buy a house project is necessary to pay attention to their own land.Location of the plot is really important for your future home.It should be possible to study the topography and the location of groundwater.You should also explore the area near the land.Perhaps that would be located near the forest plantations with a shabby dump.It may happen that a gray imperceptible structure will actively operates a plant for the processing of waste, the operation of which may affect the ecology of the surrounding areas.

Prevent buying land can be a variety of circumstances.For example, located next to a pig farm.Imagine for a moment at least, that on the other side the wind blows!Next to your plot of land should not be a cemetery - a very sad scene.

necessary to draw your attention to the presence of high voltage transmission lines, gas pipelines, and water.Of great importance in the selection of the land has road presence.Who wants to shake in his new foreign
car on country potholes or snow-covered fields.Before purchasing the chosen site must be to communicate with people from neighboring houses.In country towns this fact plays an important role.It is unlikely that you will be delighted, if you have already built a cottage, notice that the neighbors - the Addams Family.

Second Council - Disposition of land

In order to profitably exploit a certain plot of land, it should be divided into 3 parts.In the first place the area of ​​a house.In the area located behind the cottage, it is better to place the economic structure.The third part can make a work of art.The third part - a fountain, swimming pool, golf course and much more.

third council - Placing the house on this plot

Residential building on any land plot is better positioned in six 10 meters from the fence.This distance allows using shrubs to protect the house from the street noise and dust, while maintaining visual contact with the street.When the width of the area (15 to twenty meters) to build a better house in a side part of the plot.

Thus, it will be possible to use the land the most effective way to increase the space in front of the cottage.Planning section depends on the composition of commercial buildings.According to the principle of accommodation they are separately located and semi-detached with a dwelling house.In the second case, you will save on building materials.

Fourth Board - Where to buy a project

Find the perfect design of your home, you can help the architect.But the process of finding a new type of home can be delayed for a couple of months.Indeed, not so easy to explain, "fingers" your idea about the design of a new home, especially if they

not fully formed.If you are looking to start construction of your home in the near future and do not miss the "season", it is better to choose a house project catalog.Another one important argument in favor of purchasing the project catalog - the price of the finished project of the cottage.

designing cottage project together with an architect, you will pay about fifteen USDPer sq.m.Price finished project home is in the range of 100 to one and a half thousand dollars for the entire project, ie for all five types of basic drawings.The project is a favorite of the cottage, you can make changes and start the construction of the house in a few days.

Fifth Board - Looking for materials for walls

walls of your home can be made of brick, concrete, stone and wood.So before you choose a project of a new home, be aware of the pros and cons of building materials for walls.In addition to the external differences, each of them has certain functional features.For example, a brick - a strong and durable material

.Brick wall thickness of twenty-five centimeters (the length of one brick) can carry any sort of uniform load distribution, including by w / w floors.The service life of the brick walls in the safe and correct operation of the foundation laying almost unlimited, in its thermally stable features brick inferior to other construction materials.When the outdoor air temperature -30, a wall of solid brick must be at least sixty-four cm (two and a half brick), while the walls of wood and timber may be sixteen 18 centimeters.

From light concrete mixtures have the same characteristics as the wall of brick.Stone walls in our climatic conditions are not suitable, as the high thermal conductivity volcanic stones require broad walls (one hundred and ninety-cm) and are very costly and hard work of masons.

wooden log walls of hygienic standards are the most comfortable.The disadvantages include a small fire in the same sedimentary deformation of the first 1.5-two years.Nevertheless, while protecting walls from dampness and modern means of fire, wood - almost eternal building material for homes and also does not require usilёnnogo foundation.

Sixth Council - Efficiency Project

Looking after the project, you should know the composition of architecture, opened in antiquity: functionality, strength and beauty.You selected a project, of course, has to be economical.Please note that the draft of the cottage was a bit of stairs and corridors.If the corridor is occupied not a small part of the space of the cottage, in this case, the residential part is very little space.The same applies to the storage room, laundry room, boiler room.

Therefore, one of the main indicators of economic efficiency of the project is precisely the attitude of the living rooms to the utility.Before buying a new project cottage is necessary to evaluate the project at home by the upcoming investments in heating your cottage.The smaller the area of ​​the external structures, the less heat loss.This can also be attributed to the openings for windows.

economical heating increases on the location of your cottage on the south side of the land, from the little square of glass openings on the type of wall construction.Therefore, immediately before the commencement of construction of the cottage is necessary to provide insulation of window openings and doors, roofs, floors.