Ventilation with the help of the sun

By Admin | Ventilation
14 April 2016

conditioning and mechanical ventilation for decades been the standard method of environmental control in many types of buildings and premises.

Global warming, pollution and the decline in supply led to a new ecological approach to development projects.

Innovative technologies along with bio-climatic principles and traditional design methods are often combined to create a new and potentially successful design solutions.

Solar Ventilation - one of these concepts currently being developed by scientists and engineers, mainly through research and experimentation.

solar chimney (often also called thermal chimney) - a way to improve the natural ventilation of buildings by using convection of air heated by passive solar energy.It is a vertical ventilation shaft, which uses solar energy to create and increase the natural ventilation of the building.

use of solar energy in building natural ventilation of buildings was widely used in ancient times, especially in the Middle East, as well as the Romans

, who had a deep knowledge of physics.

In its simplest form, the solar chimney is painted black vent pipe.

The solar energy during the day heats the tube and the air within it, thus creating, updraft.Thus formed a suction effect based chimney can be used for ventilation and cooling of the building.

In most countries, it is much easier to implement, using wind energy, but on hot windless days the solar chimney can provide ventilation where otherwise there would be no.

This unusual method of ventilation can be used to ventilate the home or office by geothermal heat, or to ventilate only a specific area, for example, on compost pit latrine.