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21 April 2016

can say that this house has turned out so, thanks to the Builder (yes, with a capital letter!), The governing team of masters of the building industry.It was he who came up with as a "fairy tale into reality."

our house So, if there is available: land - 9 acres, more precisely, 2h4,5 acres.At one of the sites it is still a house 4,5h5 m bathhouse 4x6 meters with a barn under one roof.Between them - a patio with a pergola and a brick fireplace.Dimensions patio / pergola around 3x5 m (100 mm was used lumber, boards for the walls - 20 mm boards and roof railing - 40 mm).Thus, the area is not closely!Perhaps for this reason, and I wanted to build a bigger house, and the experience in this business was not.

Pre reviewing many projects in mind there were only scraps.When builders began to tell me that in the end should have, he just smiled (probably already faced with such visionaries).However, during the construction, he still was able to realize all those dreams into reality, however, adjusting them according to

their construction experience.

In general, got what they wanted, although the acceptance of individual stages present surprise and disappointment, for example, as a base: "What a high!".Now it seems that could be even 20 centimeters to raise it to the cellar became more spacious.Ceilings also seemed high.Well Construction was persistent, for some reason he trusted, and it would have now ... who knows what!And so the ceiling above the staircase on the second floor to get low.

However, thanks again to the builders, all who are shorter than 175 cm there are no problems.In fact, the construction of the owners to express their wishes, but almost always builder did as he saw fit, and for this they are grateful to him.However, with the stairs had not happened, but he did it personally - nobody trusted!Dimensions ladder width - 100 cm (usable width = step - the thickness of the balusters), step height - 23 cm, depth of step - 28 cm. A total of 13stupeney.

size of the house preserved only general (external), approximately.The house was not built on the project, but in fantasies and dreams.However, despite the apparent beauty of the house and have their shortcomings, which could have been avoided.For example, the size of partitions can be calculated based on the size of furniture, which, after the building had to squeeze the corners.The bay window is now made wider to 20-30 centimeters.On the second floor there would be the balcony above the stairs, and the room would be even greater.Do not be saved on a heater.

By the way, in the apparent abundance of windows of the house, rather, has turned warm.When the light is switched off for the whole day, then at -28 C outside temperature in a building with 23 C dropped to 18 C for 4-5 hours on the first floor, while the second was much warmer.Because heat their fireplace on the first floor (40 sq. M), air from +11 C to +23 C is heated for 1.5 -2 hours.our house

Pro fireplace can be added the fact that the bottom, under the insert, there is a niche for firewood, which are arranged in the depth of the holes for air circulation ducts on the left and right of the furnace in the walls of the fireplace.Poryadovkoy done again thanks to the builders.In his team have different specialists.Small pictures with fireplace family head found on the Internet, print it and put Pechnikov.As it turned out, he had long suffered, "Can not a warm fireplace."And yet I have done, though the picture was not fire at all, but in the firebox lining!

During the construction of the fireplace there was even a funny story.Once again the head of the family came to see the builders made this week, they all went and looked at the stove-fitter and laughed.Fire this week was no more.Here and found that over stovemaker twice played a joke: to say that the ranks of crooked lie.That trusting specialist and fingered fireplace to the ground twice!

One fireplace house completely progreesh.Therefore, it is heated primarily by electricity: for each window is located at the convectors "Noboa" (in the bay window - one convector into three windows).A total of two floors of their accumulates 8 kilowatts.Weekly put the thermostat at + 10 + 12 C in the fireplace lay the wood and arrived on Friday evening, flooded the fireplace and include "Noboa" at 22 S.

first floor is heated to a temperature at which you can be one of the t-shirt20 - 25 minutes!That is, until the house is made out of the car stuff products, it is becoming warm!On the second floor of the air, of course, warms up a little longer, because it is heated with a fireplace, doors to two rooms on the second floor closed since fireplace is not only radiates heat, but also suck in the heated air, like a vacuum cleaner.Heaters heated second floor to +18 +20 C, for about 4 hours, and the bed, probably, and night would not warmed.Therefore, in order not to wait for a long time, had been bought electric mattresses (80 watts each) and half an hour before "lights out" they include.

bay window - and the merit of the very experienced builders.Themselves owners wanted to make it smaller, but professional said: "A flower in a pot and child for bad behavior can be put in any corner and bay windows should carry other payloads".This phrase was decisive!

Here the only thing he looked, so it's laying a vapor barrier that fit his "disciples" horizontal bar so that she began to come into contact with a heater!In summer, the house is still "breathe", and as the windows and doors closed in the fall and flowed everywhere, even underground, water stood in the roofing material.I had to call the mountain-builders and disassemble the casing, remove the wet insulation and redo everything.But now everything was as it should!

our house insulated wall just outside, and a vapor barrier is laid over the insulation.Insulation "Ursa" laid imitation timber.The walls with windows - in two layers 5 cm, in the other - in a single layer.Like, not cold, but felt that it was not necessary to save on a heater: or make the layer thicker insulation, or buy another.On the electricity meter it can be seen that now consumes more heat than ever before.

is clear, of course, that somewhere holes, slits were formed (all the same tree).Yes, and probably to the experts that Ursa caking is under the soil.In general, today the roof would have warmed in 3 layers (15 cm), Ursa, and on the walls and floor - 2 bed (10 cm) and can be used another heater.Ursa stacked on the beam vertically between the bars.Incidentally, when assorted trim to properly make a vapor barrier, lay everywhere Ursa smoothly and never slipped.It is a vapor barrier (3 cm), then - close - an imitation of timber.

roof covered with Onduline, which still is not flowing.Only the color faded a bit because of the abundant pollen of coniferous trees, which is fused to all surfaces in the May sunshine.If the metal surface pollen blown light breeze, the ondulin she eats.

house itself, albeit from a bar, but trimmed with top board, the so-called "imitation of timber."Contemporary wall trim siding did not want to, because there is no such kind of imitating the tree, and "plastic" house very much do not like!In fact there are materials that mimic stone or brick and imitation timber logs or not.A pity ...

Imitation timber covered with clear Finnish pinotex and individual facade elements are painted with colored paint "Tikkurilla" or "loofah."There was at that time were built, and better means of colorless than pinotex.Some would say that to do so should not have, but no other colors of wood are not suited.Now we have to paint every year the two walls of the house that faces the sun, all the same pinotex because, if you do not soak the wood, imitation turn black in one season.

our house own home is not all blackens under the Finnish pinotex, but only on the faces (facets) simulate the beam.The vertical surface of the board is not peeling off: whether the angle of incidence of solar rays wrong, or faster water slides, but the black dots appear (not everywhere, and not a large number, but there are) and exclusively on these faces.Do not paint them just as, indeed!Simply cover pinotex the wall completely.

In addition, the coating of exterior walls fade when exposed to sunlight.And if others it just burns, then this house surrounded by pine trees, in addition, covered with pollen, which is still under sunlight and melts.Even on the porch in the windless morning, you can see the layer of pollen in the 2-3 mm!

Before finishing the house to stand for six months.Not enough, of course, but there were reasons.Then a bar, as well as floorboards and beams imitation, builders took from their trusted provider of the Vologda region, enough-dried.During these six months the house sat on a 5-7 cm (this was clear from the opening edge of the window).Once finished with the house, the shrinkage is no longer observed, and it simply can not be seen, because all sewn together.However, nothing is twisted (no doors, no windows), and in the winter never purged.

way, the windows covered with paint "Dyufateks", do not require painting from the date of construction!The floors were covered with the same paint "Tikkurilla."By the way, during the construction of the remnants of the dry mixture at once with no tile washed away, so now, originally malachite color is gray patina.

One of the issues in the regeneration of the surrounding area became a "water-aesthetic": how to adapt the bucket to the well to be beautiful?And that it was not only beautiful, but functional: get water if the electricity is shut off.Yes, that was the design of the removable, in the event that the well will have to lower the ladder.

our house estimates.

Now, of course, prices have changed.Wiring and water supply system was carried out on their own, to know where, how and what to build.The whole house (without electrical and water) cost about $ 23,300.Work was carried out in two stages: the first (October-November 2002) - foundation, frame, roof (materials and work - 8000 $), fireplace (materials and work - $ 1,700);the second (April 2003) - trim on all sides of them finishing cap (natural stone and the work - $ 700).In addition, the available folding pool table, table top which consists of three stone slabs.This table is not planned to buy, but bribed the price - a real stone by price chipboard!However, it later had to buy a special, shorter cue, because it was impossible to use the standard by the bay window.Already it planned to rebuild the bath, or rather to raise the roof to the second floor to accommodate a billiard room.

Here's a turned wooden house with a bay window, a billiard room and a balcony, in which any member of the family (even the smallest) always will find a cozy corner!