Installation of air conditioners, specificity

By Admin | Ventilation
13 April 2016

This is due not only to the volume of the work, but also the specifics of air conditioners in general.Incorrect installation can affect the service life of even the most good split system.That is why even the most basic knowledge of installation can help you evaluate the quality of the installation.

air conditioners Let's start with the basics.The main part of modern air-conditioners make split-system and multi-split system.First, as you know, is air-conditioned with internal and external unit.Multi-split system - a few blocks inland, running, usually from one external.The units are connected via pipes (for freon), and wires.Also, the indoor unit has a tube for the withdrawal of excess condensed moisture, which must be connected to the sewer.However, people are trying to save, or this is the sewerage (sink) pipe is too far away, so just condensed moisture dripping onto the street.

All split-systems appreciate the quality and the level of filtering the noise emitted.Following these two main features for consumers, man

ufacturers seek quietness of the indoor unit and create a completely new filters and complete systems step filters.It is worth noting that the rate of noise and quality of air purification in different companies and different models can be quite different.

Split systems differ in the type of fasteners.There are two main groups: wall and floor and ceiling.The name of each group speaks for itself.The most popular and convenient wall air conditioners are considered, but no one will prevent you purchase, wall, ceiling model if space is needed for this option.

Before buying a split or multi-split system, you need to decide what you need from the air conditioner.Extensive functionality?Low cost?In addition, the need to measure the area of ​​the room, the size of the windows, as well as to know the number of batteries in the room.

air conditioners Remember that this expert will certainly be interested in the characteristics of your room or rooms.So he will be able to choose the most convenient for you to model.Bad specialist will try to sell you any air conditioner in this price category.By the way, do not necessarily buy the most expensive air conditioning.Consult with an independent expert, read a number of articles in journals and the World Wide Web, and only then decide whether or not to overpay for expensive "Japanese" or better save on Malaysian models.

installation of a split system is accompanied by a series of operations for drilling holes that necessarily leads to a deterioration of wallpaper, more dirt and dust.You also need to make the room furniture and all kinds of valuables.Consequently, air conditioning is needed before or during full repairs indoors.

Before installing the air conditioner is to check the wiring.In older homes, it may simply not withstand the load of split systems, and for new buildings will not be superfluous to conduct a separate wiring to the electrical panel.

air conditioners next part of the article is devoted to the various warnings and advice.So, before you install the external power is necessary to check the strength of the wall on which it will be installed.For people living on the ground floor, suitable version with external power that is above the ground.Only it must have to protect it with a metal mesh.For other stories fit the standard installation, only need to put up a small metal block visor that protects equipment from frequent exposure to precipitation.

If we talk about the external unit, then it also has a number of features that must be considered during installation.For example, do not install the unit in a continuously operating devices that cause high-frequency electromagnetic waves.External power is forbidden to fix up a working battery, place of work (table) and beds.It is also prohibited to install an external power behind the curtains as an obstacle (even fabric) make air conditioning switched off permanently.Furthermore, the unit must be fixed horizontally.

Finally, it is worth noting the final editing process.It should look like this: proshtroblenie highway, blocking the water in the room, installing a drainage tube that goes to the sewer pipe.However, as we mentioned earlier in this article, most of the air conditioners do without connection of the drain pipe to the drain.