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21 April 2016
Alexei in his branch are often asked - how to plan the location of the house on the site;what caused this architecture house? ...

According ani1883 if the house is going to live two or more people, the desire to keep all residents can not be !!!Therefore, in this situation, you should always look for a compromise.

Bought plot

Alex bought land, resembling the letter H. size, which - two rectangles, seven hundred and triangle between them.Elevation in the area from 1.5 to 2 meters.The height of the trees on the eastern side is more than 15 meters.

Previously home strictly built along the road, now in coordination with the architect, it can be built in a different place, so for your convenience, Alex decided to build it on the hillside.The situation at home in the area is no accident.In the month of May in the morning sun through the trees is shown after 10 hours.Such an arrangement allows the house as much as possible to cover the roof of the house and in the summer all day until sunset 22 00.
With this arrangement, the house access to the garden to get comfortable.

Location home

Alex believes that in choosing a site for the house must be:

Firstly, in central Russia is better to put the house on the very highest point of the site or make a high foundation (80 cm and above).

Secondly, it is better to build in sulfuric part of the plot.

Third, it must be oriented to the cardinal.But in order to do it properly you need to answer a few questions:
A) What is a house?For seasonal or permanent residence.
B) The number of people living in it?
B) level of comfort for a pleasant stay in it.

answering these questions a person begins to think.Relates the value of the house with the site and, if necessary, decide to build a second floor, shed or gazebo.Thinking detail design of the house, depending on the destination premises, he assigned him a certain place and space.

The house Alex will live with his wife.Based on their needs, at the beginning, they decided that the house they will be small and the floor.

During the planning of the cardinal all utility rooms and a kitchen Alex located on the northern side.Well insulated hallway oriented towards the entrance or the entrance to the site.A total of rooms can be made user-friendly access to the terrace, patio or garden.

defined the place for the house, move to another question.What kind of house do you need?As mentioned above, if the house will accommodate 2 or more people, then when it is regulated will have to compromise.And Alex need to build a house with a view of the fact that the money to build a little bit.

Desire Alexis and his wife

requirements for new home Alexis and his wife were such.

Wife wanted:
a small little house, with a sloping roof to lower its clean.This should be a maximum of convenience - no less 7kv.m kitchen, separate dining room, large bedroom, a fireplace in the living room, a warm toilet, wash basin, shower, small room, a spiral staircase (in the one-story house?), To the balcony drinking tea, and the verandahouse to be sure of a tree.

Alex wanted:
First of all - a garage, a warm shop, billiard room, separate dining room, large bedroom, a fireplace in the living room, a warm toilet, washbasin and shower and a small bath, a balcony next to the kitchen, veranda, stonehouse.

And so, they have compiled a list of requests and started their joins are

size of the house determined for acquired on the occasion of b / y slabs length of 6 meters and a width of 1.5 meters.As a result, the final size of the house was 6x6 meters.

Calculating the size of the premises

It should be a double bed, a passage around the bed, wardrobes and other supplies, table - they did a total minimum area of ​​12 square meters.m.

It is calculated only for cooking.It will be located: a refrigerator, stove, sink, desk - total area of ​​the kitchen turned 330h200 cm. Or 6.6 sq.m.

size calculated dining for two.In the extreme case it can fit four people.Total size of the dining room - or 180h170sm 3kv.m.

Thus, an area of ​​much-needed space was 12 + 6.6 + 3 = 21,6kv.m.

consider further

In all other areas of estimates there are only 14 sq.m.

on a toilet with wash basin 1 sq.m.For heating a house need an oven combined with a fireplace, it is still about 2.25 sq.m.There are 10 need to stretch to a pool table and a living room with a sofa and armchairs.Sofa necessary in case guests arrive and he takes the chair 3 sq.m.The balance of 7 sq.m.We must not forget that the bed is in the living room in her face at least three doors, which also want to take space.And what to do ???

long they thought, and decided to build a second floor.To do high house decided to use undercovering space or attic.

With the advent of the second floor have decided to do on the second floor of a large room and there to arrange a pool.Guests without a difference where a rest on the first or second floor.The size of the living room gets 25 sq.m.One frustrating - staircase occupies precious space, but found a way out of this.Under it posted a bathroom.So through trial, error and compromise designed layout of the house.So they divided it so.

turned three-story house, namely: in the basement garage, a second dining room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, fireplace with stove, stairs to the third large room (living room).

to meet the desire of the spouses to make the house a low Alexei decided to deepen in the ground, and put it between two straight sections.It turned out that when you look at the upper section (south side), it seems to be one-story, and the north - three-storey.

The house

In order to properly plan the size of the room in the house, they decided to do a 6x6 layout.To do this, from a notebook into a cell on a scale of 1 square = 5 cm, they glued all the furniture.Then spread it on the leaf in the box, add the required space for walking and raschertili.We get the approximate size of the premises, which, like the furniture made to scale.

Then, taking into account the location of rooms with respect to the cardinal points they are located: a bedroom on the east side, and the windows in her face to the north, a kitchen in the northwest and the windows look to the west, a dining room with windows on the north, and a great halland access to the terrace to the south.

After all the setups it turned out - that the house was quite comfortable, it lacks length of 120 cm. And to increase the size needed to buy another slab and 8 blocks PBS.But the most important thing is that the ground floor had already been made.And all of that after the purchase of the land seems to be that the country is enough housing and cabins.

But no, a blessing in disguise.As if reading his thoughts to his neighbor comes and offers - free of charge - iron pipes with a diameter of 130 mm in the amount of 40 pieces and four channels, all of 3 meter length.

After this sudden fortune, it was decided to make the canopy.And without increasing the foundation to increase the living space of the house.

new roof

After the unexpected help of a neighbor had to change the design.In the basement, nothing has changed.On the second floor it was spacious.Remains the main problem - the roof.Gable did not suit him - little space remains.Scrap is not suitable.

And somewhere in the city, he happened to see the roof, which he liked.One ramp she was steep and the other flat.After thinking a bit, he decided that such a roof is suitable for his house and for good reason.North slope of the roof of his house, he decided to make almost vertical about 75 degrees.In the winter on it will not delay the snow, but because of the small area and the heat losses are reduced.

Skat, facing south, you get a gentle 40 degrees.Snow lingers, but the sun melts quickly.A large window in the roof transmits sunlight and warms the room.In the summer, to cool the window open, and that there was no hot they covered trailers.

With such a large part of the roof space has a height of 3.5 meters.The second, like a balcony above the hall with fireplace.Plus, the increased volume of the second floor by the bay window of the tower.

new designs a month went by and he turned a house.

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