Why the need for a model project

By Admin | Rural Homes
20 April 2016

Everyone knows that before the creation of something (movie, music track, a box for the drive, and even a clip) is needed quite a clear plan, which outlines all the basic characteristics of the object, its features, and more.

model project similar situation with the house.Before the start of construction is the most detailed plan for future work.Where will be in a bathtub?

How many meters you need to take to the room?Where will the sewer?It is for the answers to these and many other questions need a plan of work.Details of the future house, however, depend not only on the desires of the future owner of the property, but also on external factors.

So, the choice of materials will affect especially the climate, and the foundation - the approximate weight of the structure and type of soil.

Model project - a set of ready-made drawings with explanatory inscriptions, notes and estimates

Most often the first album with the drawings corresponds Architectural floor plan, the second contains information about the commu

nication, and the third contains additional details and cost estimates.

Not only is a model project is necessary for the future of construction, it is also extremely easy to use.It takes only a few minutes to rummage in the drawings, and you can find all the necessary information.In addition, the model projects are usually created by a single plan, so they are easy to compare with one another.

If a model project was created without precise information about the features of the construction site, the drawings have to redo or modify.For example, in some areas there is still no sewage or central heating, and therefore, they should be excluded from the second album.Because of the change in the arrangement of communication and subject to change in the interior.In addition, initiated redevelopment can touch and the remaining communications.However, in the types of projects always provides invisible pipeline system, so its removal from the drawing will not be a problem for the entire document.

select and modify a model project is necessary so as to further improve its cost was minimal.Why spend money to build a house where a half years will have to change the roof or something to finish building?Do not hurry up with the choice of the project and adjust the project with the help of a professional designer.

It should be noted that at present the country's growing number of country houses, so the range of standard designs is quite large.Drawings are increasingly optimized for use in the construction of the most modern materials.So, quite a large number of model projects for frame houses with stucco and insulation.

Experts advise to choose the two-storey buildings

First, the price is not much different from the single-storey houses.Secondly, more reliable communication to work in two-storey buildings.Third, the two-storey house on a residential area equal odnoetazhke occupies less land in the area.However, no matter what type of structure you choose, you need to take care of the two outputs: the central and further.

next step in the evaluation of a model project - planning rooms

Project room you need to consider several factors such as the number of people living in the house, the cardinal and the wind direction.The bedroom windows should not be placed on the west, and other residential rooms is better to choose the south or east.In turn, the kitchen or the dressing room ideal window "looking" in the north-west or north, as the latrines should be warm.If your toilet is outside, there is no particular difference in the location there.To save nearly every room of your home country should be covered by the sun.Exceptions are some internal corridors and closets.

next stage of the analysis model project - the roof

Many simply do not notice this subtlety, but the shape of the roof depends on the shade, which will fall on your site.The best option would be a variant with dimming paths around the house.So you free up more areas for useful plants, trees or even a small garden for families.

If the plot has an elongated (narrow) form the most practical option would be to build a house of 2-3 meters from the side of the fence.In the case of wide ownership of the lateral wall of the house must necessarily coincide with the middle of the whole area.