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12 April 2016

believe that users agree with the statement that a sound approach to the ventilation system of a private house is this - first of all it is necessary to calculate the exchange of air, and then, based on the data to choose the desired cross-section of the duct.Only after that can be circuit ventilation cottage, and determine the place of installation of ventilation equipment.

ventilation system of a private house discussed in this branch our forum.

Types and features of the ventilation system

According to user (nick Offline petrovk ) ventilation in the house can be divided into three types:

  • Naturalventilation;
  • Ventilation, or as it is called mechanical;
  • air handling unit with heat recovery.


- In the design of ventilation systems should be guided by the following principle - air in the house must be completely updated 1 hour.For my frame house 200 m2, I stopped at the flow-handling units with heat recovery.Installation i

s selected based on the count of cubes of the air in the house, I 600, I took the setting for 700 cubes.

Keep in mind that a comfortable environment is created in the home, not only due to receipt of fresh air, but also due to the speed of the air flow.Ventilation because of the presence there of the fan creates more airflow than natural ventilation.

During mechanical ventilation, air velocity in the ventilation system is on average 3-5 m3 / h, and at natural about 1m3 / h.It turns out that natural ventilation creates a more comfortable environment in the house?The question is not as simple as it seems.For in order to pass through the mechanical and natural ventilation system the same amount of air required different cross section of the ventilation duct.This means that the installation of natural ventilation will entail an increase in the cross section of the channel, which is not always possible technically or aesthetically.

important to know that in any type of ventilation - regardless of whether it is natural or artificial, is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of air through the house.

For example, to install in rooms with the door transfer grille or leave a small gap between the door and the floor.For proper organization of air flow necessary - to take air produced in the clean room, for example living room or bedroom, and the output is in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

the kitchen, above the stove, range hood should go separate channel.If the hood is forced, the kitchen and the bathroom can be combined with one vent.The diameter of the entrance to the exit must not decrease.Due to the nature of the kitchen hood duct make sure it round, galvanized and vertical, without knees.Do not use corrugated aluminum or plastic duct.

Consultant our forum Elena Gorbunova (nick Offline Matilda ):

- Natural ventilation is a pressure differential at the inlet and outlet.Login this exhaust valve, it is placed in the ceiling of the room or in the wall near the ceiling.The yield is the height of the pipe.It begins to drop to 10 meters.Another differential pressure depends on the temperature difference.In winter, it is better and worse in the summer.

natural inflow doing on radiators, which have usually under windows.Or two meters above the floor.

Often the question arises:

it possible to combine the ventilation ducts kitchen, bathroom and boiler room in a single system, then put duct fan and a truboyvyvesti everything through the roof?

user of our forum Vladimir (nick Offline Careless Angel ) considers that:

- In no case can not be combined with the hood drain, then the whole house will smell like a toilet, no matter whatthat before or after the fan is installed duct.

detailed video on the conclusion of the riser through the roof can be viewed here .

also of great importance and the material duct.One of the best options is the use of spiral-wound galvanized ducts.But often, when self-assembly, developers use ventilation ducts made of sewer pipe with a diameter of 110 mm.

Matilda :

- Sewer pipes can not be used.In general, the plastic can not be used for air, unless the special anti-static tube.In this case, the dust will adhere to the walls.Besides pipes have a small diameter.A thrust depends directly on the duct diameter and height difference.Drop in the cottages is quite small - it's not high-rise building.It means small diameter rod will be virtually no, especially in summer.And if you put the fan, the pipes will produce very unpleasant sound when air movement.

Air - requirements and features

ventilation system to operate at maximum efficiency it is necessary that the inner surface of the duct provided minimal resistance to the movement of air.Since the approach to the selection «correct» duct?

Matilda :

- The main task of the duct - is to allow air to mix freely from point to point air intake of its release.And still be safe in terms of environmental and fire safety.Any loss of pressure strongly influences or nullifies ventilation with natural ventilation.Pressure losses arise from the uneven surface of the duct in the horizontal sections of the tribes, tees, etc.When a rectangular shaped duct losses higher than round, and dust accumulates in them well.

Flexible - corrugated duct has the greatest air resistance.And it is best to use when you need to make a turn or attach to the vent of the kitchen hood.

Very often, developers, for various reasons, do not want to conclude the roof, preferring to withdraw ventilation duct through the wall.But is it right?

Matilda :

- Never, under any circumstances, do not venting through the wall.Facade mess.

After a couple of years will be visible on the wall around the exit spot.
A natural ventilation output, thus more and pointless, because the differential is quite high, and thus the pressure.

If, during the forced ventilation system, all ducts and elbows adapters connected to a single vertical channel, it is recommended to install the roof fan E190R.

to control this fan is placed in a convenient location thyristor speed control.A ducts themselves are taken diameter of 125 mm.

article about the ventilation system can be read

this link .

Learn more about the ventilation system users can in this section our forum. There conducted heated discussion the choice of material for air.But reading this article's accompanying video , you can clearly see how an integrated approach to the ventilation device, not only provide a home of fresh air, but also save money.