Universal Vacation home

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19 April 2016

Its pretty easy to build, and was originally scheduled bedrooms and the hall will be later to attach a couple of bedrooms, office, garage, etc.

The original plan has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a lounge and a full-sized spiral staircase.Stairs may go down to the basement and the attic, if in the future you go to finish the floor or two.With its simple layout, a lot can be later alter by itself (internal walls are not load-bearing).

Universal Vacation home

porch with a shed roof of 2.15 m in length and can be extended to make a porch around the perimeter of the house.

Here are two versions of overlap:

  1. You can use the bar width 22,8sm, in this case, the layout can be changed completely, as not bearing piles or bulkheads.
  2. can use standard wooden beams with exposed beams and two internal piles for backup floors.In this case it is possible to reschedule all locations except piles and beams.Also, the ladder should be left in place of its original layout.

This classic country house built using a simple frame structure with

overlapping.You can use different types of foundation - depending on your preferences and financial capabilities.The house seems big and open, and it uses space very efficiently.

For example, if your home is provided a steep slope, you can climb to the second floor and a little reschedule it, for example, arranging living there.You can also use the cellar, made his entrance through the "lower" room - in the daytime.

Below is the outline of the first floor.Location of doors and windows is a bit different from the one shown in the photo of the building.Entrance to the house can be done with a porch (with a gable end wall) and a side house.In the latter case it is recommended to finish the porch of the building perimeter.

Plan 1st floor

Below is the outline of the second floor with three bedrooms, a space that is used very efficiently.

Plan 2nd floor

few ideas from a person who builds a house of this type

Our house is the size of 6.1 x 12.2 m

on the floor plan to put hardwood boards for at least 15cm wide.Ceiling beams
I want to sheathe pine and then painted or etched.The only thing that will remain open - a central beam.We had the idea to put a few false beams to the ceiling was like in Victorian style.

home construction

When choosing beams I discovered a strange thing: in natural, untreated wood is very much beautiful knots.And the lower the grade, the more beautiful beams.Probably, it is not suitable for finishing of flats, but to give - just perfect.

Oh, and one very important piece of advice: Scaffold is better to buy, rather than rent - at me they would have paid off several times.

Editor: Roman Adamov