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18 April 2016
The story began with the fact that Alex Company wanted to build himself a country house for permanent residence.I studied ready projects of houses in the Internet and any project he did not like.

Almost all projects that looked Alex West, had or inconvenient layout, or a huge fireplace rooms with high ceilings and lots of unwanted migratory corridors.According to Alexey Company in such projects often do not have enough bedrooms or bathrooms.The houses have a large common area, thus is less useful part of it.

Often architects in these projects focus on foreign pretentiousness - an abundance of balconies, terraces, large windows, bay windows, complex shape of the roof, etc.which significantly increase the cost construction.

Not finding anything worthwhile on the Internet, he decided to Alex Company, according to your taste, do a few projects of houses with little cost, in which he could live by himself.

project idea

house project proposed by Alexey JSC, designed for permanent big hospitable family.
The house is designed for a family with three children, staying at the family shares, and the possible presence of guests.This is an alternative project with huge rooms, living room.

on the floor plan home Alexey JSC said schematic arrangement of furniture in order to make it clear how you can place everything you need, and rationalize the location of the window openings.

When looking at a project may seem that there are a lot of bedrooms, but can be successfully alter a library or study.And if you want a room can be made universal.Library where the sofa can be converted into a bedroom.

designing this house, Alex Company pursued the idea that everyone living in this house should have his own bedroom.And if guests arrive for their accommodation should have a small, but the bedroom

If someone is not satisfied with a small kitchen, it can be expanded by adding space adjoining room, and eventually the area will increase to 32 m2.

For convenience, the hosts and guests on each floor is provided a bathroom.Therefore, the morning after yesterday's party gatherings, no one will interfere with each other.

secluded room in the tower is well suited for the organization of the office, where no one can bother a busy host.

And located near the attic closet can be done for the old things that throw a pity, and nowhere to go.

step heights interfloor ladder is supposed to make an equal 13-14 cm, so that children and older people did not feel discomfort during ascent to the second floor.The estimated ceiling height of 2.7 meters in the house.

slope of the roof in one direction is made to the design of the roof was extremely simple, and the roof of the tower can be used as an observation platform.In addition, the snow from flat roofs covered with soft tile will not fall huge reservoir, and injure people and property.

According to Alexey JSC design of this house is unusual, and the house will not be lost on the background of mass building the villa, and will always look like a winner even against the background of more expensive houses.If someone is not happy with the presence of the tower, it is possible to clean and make the roof hipped or gable.

If someone house seems large, it is possible to construct a one-story or make a mirrored layout.Depending on the layout of the site, near the house you can easily design the garage.And so everything looked organically, ground floor windows can be slightly corrected.

Approximate or estimated value of the house

1. As a foundation to be built with insulation plate reinforced reinforcement ribs in the location of the walls.The cost of the foundation, together with a cap and ceiling of reinforced concrete - 560 thousand rubles.
2.Stena will be finished in red brick (12 cm), followed by 10 cm of mineral wool and bearing wall brick of 25 cm. The partitions in the house in a half-brick, lintels over the windows and doorways of monolithic reinforced concrete poured on site - 600 thousand rubles.
3. Intermediate floors (first and second floors) are filled in the factory of concrete mixer.The attic floor is insulated.Cost - 400 thousand rubles.
4. The roof is without thermal insulation coating - soft tile, drainage systems and construction of the observation deck - 520 000 rubles.
5. The house is decorated inside and out with the subsequent putty plaster walls and ceilings, and painting.Cost - 580 thousand rubles.
6. screed floors on the first and second floor with insulation on the ground - 120 000 rubles.
7. All the windows installation will cost 240,000 rubles.
8. The layout of the heating system and boiler equipment - 220 000 rubles.
9. The layout of water in the house and the purchase of equipment - 80 000 rubles.
10. All sanitary equipment: baths, showers, faucets, and so on. D. The installation - 90 000 rubles.
11. Laying tile in the bathrooms - 120 000 rubles.
12. Floors - laminate in the kitchen and hallway tiles - 140,000 rubles.
13. Wallpaper and Paint - 180 000 rubles.
14. Skirting boards, trim, front door, interior doors made of wood - 150 000 rubles.
15. Pine stairs - 90 000 rubles.
16. Wiring of electricity together with the material - 110 thousand rubles.

Total cost of the house with the tower a total area of ​​184 square meters.m - 4.2 million rubles.It is about 22,826 rubles.per square meter.

Construction of cottages on frame technology, or from a bar with wooden beams and a less powerful foundation will make it much cheaper.

In conclusion, it must be said that the project Alexey JSC conceived like a good solid durable and affordable home for permanent residence, designed for long service life.

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