Mobile air-conditioning - cooling of budget apartments and villas

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10 April 2016

comfort needed by all.Especially when the window is hot.

In this weather you can not create an optimal climate without air conditioning.

FORUMHOUSE readers know well, what have the advantages of modern split system consisting of two units - internal and external.

However, this type of air conditioners - the roads, and installing them can fly a lot of money.

What if you need air conditioning, and funds to buy it enough?Forget about comfort?

Not at all, output is to install a so-called mobile unit.

Although this climatic equipment has several disadvantages, often it becomes the best choice for truckers or people who rent apartments are removable.

What is a mobile air conditioner?

Mobile air-conditioning is a one-piece device that is similar to the well-known to all of us a window air conditioner.

main difference - a vertical position in the mobile air conditioning units.

The top compartment is the evaporator housing and ventilation systems, and under them, in the lower compartment - compre

ssor, condenser, and outlet fan away the heat.

principle of operation of a mobile air conditioner is as follows: the air in the room through the air intake is injected into the upper portion of the housing, where it is filtered, cooled and re-released into the room through the openings covered by the blinds.

air is cooled as follows: the compressor "squeezes" the refrigerant and takes away the heat that the coolant has received from the air.

compressor is also cooled by the air that passes through the radiator condenser, is heated and thrown into the street by a flexible duct (similar to a vacuum cleaner gofroshlang) with a diameter of 150 mm and a length of 1.5 meters.

understand the principle of the mobile air conditioner, you can understand what are its advantages and disadvantages.


- Among the disadvantages of mobile air conditioner can be distinguished:

  • increased running noise associated with the operation of the compressor and the fan;
  • through leaks and cracks holes hose can be sucked outdoor air;
  • lower efficiency than split systems;
  • takes place on the floor.


- in the heat of summer 2010, I was thinking to buy a mobile air-conditioning, but, after weighing all the "pros" and "against", has refused.In my opinion, it's too loud running hose discharge air during operation is heated and thus raises the temperature in the room.For good sealing hose will have to drill a hole in the wall.Yes and dimensions from mobile air conditioning rather big, so easy in the apartment did not hide.But use it only 3 months of the year, in the heat, consider unprofitable.

However, there are models that, in addition to cooling, and even a heated room.These air conditioners are equipped with heating elements.In addition, more expensive models can run in the heat pump, removing from the premises cold air and replacing it warm.


- Although a split system can also be run on heating the room, at low temperatures, such as -25 ° C, they do not work, but the mobile air-conditioning, equipped with a simple heating coil, to cope with the task, heating room heater mode.So that the mobile air conditioning can help out in the winter and summer.

The advantages of mobile air conditioner are:

  • low cost;
  • easy installation - all the work you can do yourself;
  • do not need to conduct communication through the wall and therefore pay extra conditioner installation, like a split-system;
  • facade of the house does not spoil the external unit like a split-system;
  • mobility - Air conditioning can take to the country, or move from room to room on wheels;
  • mobile air conditioners can filter, dry air, heat rooms and work in ventilation mode.


- Mobile air conditioner easily and quickly cools the room of 20-40 square meters.m comfortable to 20-22 ° C.

You can put it in the summer when it is really needed.Split hanging on the wall all year round and the outdoor unit may get off.The main drawback of the mobile air conditioner - high noise.

of mobile air conditioning opt for seasonal installations to the country, asit is not visible, it does not attract the attention of thieves who will notice the outdoor unit of a split system, which hangs on the wall.

And although a lot of the advantages of mobile air conditioning, one of it is the presence of significant deficiencies condensate to be constantly drained.The condensate is collected in a special container located on the bottom of the candy bar.The volume capacity is on average 5 liters.If the fluid is not removed in time, the air conditioner off.


- expensive models have pumped condensate drain pump.Drain liquid can be arranged in the window or the window.Containers, on average, enough hours at 7-9 hours of continuous operation.

How to choose and install a mobile air conditioner?

maximum area which can cater for air conditioning, is indicated in the data sheet.Based on experience, we can say that is better to take power with a certain margin.

In this case, the air conditioner will not work constantly at maximum capacity, which would prolong its life and reduce noise.


- best to choose the most powerful mobile air conditioning.He quickly cool the room.And the noise they are all equally strong.

In addition, you need to remember a few standard requirements:

  • ejection of hot air should be carried out through a specially prosverlёnnoe hole in the wall or through a window opening specially prepared.If
  • simply "throw" the hose into an open window, all the air conditioner, because the incoming outside air will be reduced to "no".
  • nothing is impossible to close the air intake opening.
  • include air conditioning can be 2 hours after installation.

One of the most common issues associated with the installation of a mobile air conditioner - where and how to display the hose outlet hot air?


- I think it is best to drill a hole in the wall.Some models have a transition plate with a circular tube on a flat bar.Planck is inserted into the slot half-open window.

Some manufacturers supplement the set of mobile air conditioner with a special cut-out window plug hole duct.


- I have a mobile air conditioner is standing near the door of the loggia.At the door I cut a hole where to insert the plastic door, bundled together with the air conditioning.No drafts.The air conditioner cools the room area of ​​15 square meters.m. For 5 hours the temperature drops to + 35 ° C to + 26 ° C.But he makes a noise while much impossible to sleep.

You can also drill a hole in the crown of a brick wall and withdraw the duct through a flat tube 200h60 mm.


- flat tube well is held under the window sills and do not interfere.

interesting way to install a mobile air conditioner proposed forumchanin Michael Kuprikov :

- As a rule, air conditioning only in the short summer.So I use a method that eliminates the need for drilling walls.

Starts solid insulation such as extruded polystyrene, and there is a hole under the air duct.Then the window opens, insulation is cut just below the doorway to left slots and hole for the hose outlet appears next to a heater.Air-conditioning is put on the windowsill, right next to the window with a heater.The holes exactly fit together.If the sill is narrow, it is possible to make a stand under the air conditioner.After the end of the season the insulation is removed, air conditioning removed until next summer, and the window closes.

In this case, a mobile air conditioner operates as a normal window.


- I'm in a rented apartment, so as not to gimlet wall, attached to the sandwich valve conditioner balcony door.Swept loop around a pencil and cut out the hole.He missed the glue valve and inserted into the hole, all further fixing screws.In which case, air conditioning can be easily removed and replaced the sandwich will cost a dime.

So sometimes mobile air conditioning can compete with road split-system and become a full air conditioning system in the country or in the apartment.

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