Draft country house

By Admin | Rural Homes
18 April 2016

In terms of country house provided girder 3,25m tall rack frame for greater usable area under a steep pitched roof.If you use to build your own house, three types of foundation: concrete cellar, laid flush plate and pier foundation.The house can be built with a full-sized or smaller-sized attic.

Draft country house

The above plan of the house - a standard layout.It can be changed at will.The great room (living room - kitchen - room) ceiling is made of beams and slabs (shuttering height of almost 2,9m), while the bathroom ceiling and the bedroom of the first floor will be 2,6m.

Below is the image home with beamed ceilings and steep stairs.Store is located under the stairs.Alternatively, in a large room can be open, "cathedral" ceiling, if not use this space for a loft.

Attic space can be divided into zones.Alternatively, you can arrange the attic solarium.

The picture shows a variant of the house without a porch.

Draft country house

Some practical advice a man who built a country house on the plan

In order to make this country

house was cozy and warm, not only in the summer, you can attach the side of the fireplace (from the "big" room).Both inside and outside fireplace is better to lay natural stone.

materials for exterior decoration:

  • On the walls - glued hardboard.
  • external finish - deliberately rough sawn stained pine.
  • Windows of aluminum covered with wood (pine).On the inner side - a layer of transparent polyurethane.
  • Inside (fireplace) and outside - treated river stone.
  • Gaunt (roof plate) - an architectural asphalt.

materials for interior decoration:

  • The walls and ceiling are decorated with pine premises.
  • Decorative red wall in the kitchen is made of wood reuse (disassembled barn).
  • floor - made of wood of the same barn.
  • Sheathing fireplace - support beam barn.
  • kitchen drawers - from knotty pine.
  • It is heated by means of a house fire and a small wall built in the fan running on propane.