As determined by the owner of the house

By Admin | Rural Homes
16 April 2016

Real estate offers designs for every taste.Studio layout chosen by people who love freedom.Couples need bedrooms, boudoirs and cabinets.Bachelor apartment are made depending on the tastes of their owners.Modern fashion trends in interior design is a loft, home entertainment, duplexes.


His recognizable by the large windows, high ceilings and a single volume of the room.This style was born when retrofitting commercial buildings as apartments.Loft came into fashion, such as in Moscow, a whole village "X ParkĀ», the internal structure of the houses should be this style.Loft brings together domestic and working area and is suitable for people keen on his job.Loft is large windows and undivided space.


home entertainment

new style - a house for recreation or entertainment house.Characteristic for active young couples and singles of both sexes.The architecture of the house surprises and attracts the attention of visitors.Planning different unusual - stained glass windows, glass floors, waterf

alls and winter gardens, towers and intricate steps.The design of the widely used PVC construction.Entertainment house emphasizes the individuality of the owner.

Family Home

They are divided into zones, where each family member to set aside personal space.Often several families settle under one roof.A good solution in this case will townhouse.Several low-rise houses have separate entrances into the courtyard, but the common side walls.For example, a duplex consisting of two floors, or two sections of the entrance and utility rooms are shared.This architectural solution for young couples who prefer to live close to their parents.

Family houses

view model homes and aesthetic tastes of the owners.The most popular architectural solutions are the classic style, modern and minimalist.

Classic style

His chosen people or conservative older generation.Ideally away from columns and moldings, and it is widely represented the style of an Alpine chalet.Chalet separates residential and economic area.Healthy lifestyle and rationality an impact on the style.The ground floor is made or lined with stone, the upper floors are made of wood.Roofs of buildings in the chalet-style flat and cover the entire volume of the building.Spacious terraces allow enjoy wonderful views, sometimes one wall made completely transparent.Panoramic windows is a promising trend that allows you to expand the boundaries of personal space.Chalet expands the boundaries.


This style is more like a bright individuals who know how to live and appreciate the arts.Smooth lines characteristic of modernity, functionality of the building.The house looks like a work of art conceived in the frame lines - gazebo and walkways, wrought iron benches and lights.Materials and their combinations play an important role.



It is close to people practical, loving comfort.The style is especially popular in Russia.Minimalism is rooted in Scandinavian culture.Houses made of wood, sometimes in combination with stone or brick, and characterized by a lack of decoration.When finishing works prefer to use bright colors.The house should be filled with light

Choosing the right plan is important.Before you buy or build a house, think about how you will be comfortable in it.You should not rush into a choice.The home must be your reflection.