Meet the Haier air-conditioners with the function Wi-Fi!

By Admin | Ventilation
09 April 2016

6 consecutive years, Haier Corporation is a leader in the global ranking of manufacturers of large home appliances (according to Euromonitor from December 31 last year).

In 2015, the Company issued to the Russian market air conditioners series Lightera.They incorporated the latest developments in the field of air purification, energy conservation and noise reduction.No less important feature - the latest technology for the management of air-conditioning Wi-Fi.Now you can connect to the machine and manage it directly from your smartphone or tablet, is at a distance.It was not only practical, but also very convenient.

Over twenty additional features will make the atmosphere in the house more comfortable, namely:

  • Ultra Quiet Mode: the noise level - 20-21 dB (A);
  • very long air flow - up to 20 m;
  • powerful UV lamp;
  • volumetric air flow 3D Airflow;
  • mode "Intelligent air flow";
  • control via Wi-Fi;
  • unit Nano-Aqua - takes care of the cleaning and humidified air ionization;
  • technology Super Match;
  • DC-inverter compressor A-Pam;
  • antibacterial and photocatalytic filters;
  • self-cleaning heat exchanger and other functions.


Control via Wi-Fi allows the user to control the air conditioning, even when they are far from it.You can remotely change the temperature of the air, the angle of the air shutters, and perform other functions.To communicate with the air conditioning and set the desired mode, simply download the software Wi-Fi Smart.And when you get home, or come into the office, the room climate will meet your expectations.

program Wi-Fi Smart also offers many other useful features.In particular, it has four different programs that will configure the optimal conditioning regimen for men, women, children and the elderly.You can also set a specific timetable for the air conditioning control in night mode, with non-standard conditions, for example, at high humidity.With the technology of Wi-Fi Smart it is also possible to select a specific program for the air conditioner during the day or week.

control function via Wi-Fi, and is useful for remote diagnostics of devices: you will receive the signals and special codes in case of emergencies.The hardware part that performs this function, including the module Wi-Fi, located in the indoor unit and connected to the control board.Need and Wi-Fi-router with Internet access.

manage via Wi-Fi is possible in two ways: using the version of the operating system versions for Android or iOs.The program is available for download at the Apple store and Google Store.

use of new technology Wi-Fi Smart will make the management of Haier air conditioning systems more convenient!


Another advantage of air conditioners series Lightera - attractive and memorable appearance.You can choose the color and design of the device to your taste, as well as air conditioning to harmoniously fit into the interior.

conditioners are available in these colors:

  • traditional - with a white body and white decorative panel color White;
  • gold - gray body color decorative panel - Gold;
  • silver - gray body and panel color Silver.

conditioners Lightera Decorative panels are made of high quality plastic.Structured texture gives the product a noble and elegant appearance.

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