Cottage with two attics

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11 April 2016

The plan following a small nice house.Its dimensions are 4,9m in width and 8,55m in length, and provides for an extension 3,7h4,3m size bedrooms.The part of the house, a width of 4,9m, has high side walls and two attic rooms, which can be used as an office or bedroom.Front and rear porch of the house is provided.It's worth noting that part of the house with high ceilings on the doors and windows are provided transom.Such planning of the house will be completely filled with light.

Cottage with two attics

this angle is clearly seen as the roof of the main part of the house goes down, covering the dining room and kitchen (they attach to the rear of the building).What leads to the "cathedral" ceiling with large glazed windows in the roof above each of the rooms.On the back side of the house there is also a small outbuilding at 1,2m for household needs - for washing machines, etc.The back porch width 1,2m weather protection and wood flooring and other things that are usually put on the porch.

Sign of the patio or garden into t

he bedroom and into the main part of the house - through the living room.When a cold climate, the living room is better positioned in the south or the west.

Cottage with two attics

The roof provides nine glazed windows in two different sizes.Depending on climatic conditions, the window can be enlarged or reduced, but they perform a very important function - the house gets a lot more daylight.With this openness, the house looks even larger and more spacious.The house has 2 or 3 bedrooms and a separate office.Lots attic with low ceilings - the perfect place for storage.

The bathroom is supposed to box made of tempered glass, which is located directly in a bathroom: taking a bath, you can open the window and enjoy the scenery.

Two options plan attics

between the attic can be built crossing - a bridge.Above the main part of the house the size of 4.9 x 8,55m has 2 attic, which will conduct a short ladder and attics can be made between the suspension bridge.The ceiling of the living room - an open roof ridge.

Cottage with two attics

rear attic width 2,15 - 1,85m, front - 1,55 - 1,85m, ceiling height - 1,85m.
total area attics over 1,85m height is 57,6m2.This allows you to build up a steep staircase.
Below is a plan to use the attic for a bedroom.On such attics much more living space.

Dimensions upper bedrooms comprise 3.35 x 3.5 m (height of the room more than 1,85m)
The total area of ​​the attic is higher than 1,85m 79,25m2.

Installation Options stairs

The plan provided for three types of stairs: steep stairs below (takes less all over the place), spiral staircase diameter 1,55m (pictured), and a full ladder leading to the attic, which can be extended for descentinto the basement through the kitchen door.
In terms of the location of the building is clear of the stairs.The plan is applied and the bridge between the attic space.Ladder bit steeper than the standard, but it is convenient.If the attic is fully used for the bedroom, it is best to put a spiral staircase.

Cottage with two attics Cottage with two attics

According to the plan, on the ground floor on the floor is heated concrete slab.The plate can be painted or to lay low flooring.The house is heated due to the layout of pipes with hot water or by a water heater without tank located in the basement.A small circulator directs the hot water heated in two separate areas - the main room and the bedroom, depending on the performance of the thermostat.

Alternatively, in the home can be made a standard wood flooring over a concrete cellar, and easy to install svaechno - the foundation beam (see. Below).Plans include using the system floor light tee joints for rapid assembly and ensure the strength of the floor that will not creak.By the wooden floor can be added and the top plate, if you want to provide a floor heating.

If the area under construction is located on an incline, you can use the plan basement with cellar: to build a full-size basement and make the entrance to the house from the basement - in the daytime.

Alternatively, a simple beam system with a yoke, which can be tilted and attached to the mounting studs of the walls with a solid metal cover plate.This roof system will be much cheaper and easier to build.

easiest pier foundation shown above, will most cost-effective and easy to implement.

This house plan is suitable for anyone who wants to build a house of medium size with the ability to expand it in the future