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By Admin | Rural Homes
10 April 2016

Can I combine my dream?Most users agree with the statement that the choice of wall material for the construction of his house, one of the biggest challenges faced by each developer decided to build suburban housing.

So, what is the meaning of the combined house and what its advantages over a stone or wireframe?

of harmony between wood and stone tells in this article .

user f orumhouse Andrei Bugaev (nick Offline Artecology )

- First of all, the concept of "combined house" - a variety of combinations of materials, both within a single floor,and the difference in materials exterior and interior walls with stone and wood above the first floor.And combined house can be seen as an improved version of the wooden.

Most often in the construction of a combined home ground floor built of stone - using brick or concrete, and the second - a lighter floor built from wood, for example - laminated veneer lumber, or use the frame structure.The combination of these materials allow

s to build a balanced and comfortable for living accommodation.

Among the advantages of the combined houses are the following parameters:

  • Ease of wiring and engineering services in a stone house of the combination.
  • When using the combined wall of the first floor shrinkage is significantly reduced relative to the displacement of logs incompressible block windows and doors.

Andrei Bugaev

- using stone for the walls of the energy-efficient materials, we are able to significantly reduce the heat loss of the combined houses, wooden retaining "breathing" of the wall.And making the walls of the first floor of a stone, we are able to give up a high foundation.Walls will not get wet from the snow nametennyh drifts or driving rain in the summer.The floors in a house can be done directly on the ground level, without fear of rotting lower rims.

Combined comfortable house built on a slope.At the same time the rear part of the stone can be partially dug into the hill.This house fits perfectly into the landscape of the site.

making the interior walls of stone, we are able to compensate for the obviously more precipitation interior walls with respect to the external.

Andrei Bugaev:

- Inside the stone walls very well accumulate heat, acting as batteries.Flatten the indoor climate, increase the overall thermal inertia of the house. also stone interior walls can significantly reduce the fire hazard of a wooden house.They are perfect for the built-in fireplaces or stoves.The room with stone walls inside the house to satisfy the combined requirements for receiving the boiler.

Traditionally, the construction of the combined house on the ground floor are placed:

  • Garage;
  • technical facilities;
  • boiler;
  • Gymnasium;
  • pantry.

device of the premises on the ground floor allows you to save money because they do not require the construction of a ground floor, although in this case the developer will have to come to terms with the loss of square meters of floor space.

Although it is believed that the construction of a combined stone house is cheaper, the user of our forum with the nickname Funny Child considers that:

- classic combination: natural stone and whole logs does not apply to a budget option, but rather a premium-segment.And such a structure can be optimal for the house on the slope, as well as at home in a humid climate of the temperate zone, where in the summer the wooden part of the wall does not fall under the slanting rain and high winter snow does not harm the lower crowns.

often in the construction of a combined home builders prefer to build the massive base, as this form is perceived as a sign of stability and reliability.

the correct approach to the construction of strip foundation described in this branch of our forum.

Andrei Bugaev

- combined house replaces the classical foundation of a mono-plate.But if you do the classic raised above the ground on the foundation of the rules and overlapping and floor insulation, as well as heating, the mono-plate will be cheaper.
If we take a classic frame with large-diameter logs with the correct wide groove, the execution of the first basement floor of the concrete, at least not more expensive.And if you add Installation of utilities in the stone part of the house, it is cheaper and more reliable.

If as a basis to take home a combined technical floor made from foam blocks and the upper - frame covered with a metal turns out the construction, it is extremely efficient and cost of civil and cheap to operate.

construction combined house allows to implement the most challenging projects and at the same time save money.

The main disadvantage of these houses belongs that stone and wood have different useful lives, and a few years later the situation may arise - when the upper wooden floor has required major repairs, while the stone base can standmore than a dozen years.

Discussion of construction of houses combined users are here . illustrative and detailed story about the construction of our forumchanin combined houses available at this link.And the house of laminated veneer lumber, and six years of its operation described in this video.