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09 April 2016
spring, when the majority of owners of land plots and villas open building season, and many are beginning to build the house "from scratch", it's time to rethink the layout of future housing.So you do not have to remodel, rebuild and upset over a failed arrangement of rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.And although the project at home - an individual thing and depends on the preferences of the future owners and their perceptions of comfort and financial capacity, family composition, the general principles of rational planning is still there.The fact that it is necessary to rely on when drafting the home, tell professionals and users FORUMHOUSE.
Member FORUMHOUSE Wall-e designs homes.At the forum he created the author's theme, which shares experiences and tips for creating beautiful and comfortable homes. Wall-e believes that it is better not to come up with their planning and take the finished project and finish it for yourself.You can think out a plan how to use simple computer programs like Paint, an
d print the plan on paper and armed with a pencil.
Principles of designing the house from Wall-e :
first point .Plan property ideally should start only after the purchase of land, asits location can make significant adjustments to the project, and the work will come to nothing.It is worth considering where the best and worst open views as the site is located relative to the cardinal, is there a bias, what is its width, where the communication.All of these factors to predict it is impossible to purchase land.
plot on a hillside
Participant FORUMHOUSE Katerina Jurevne when building a house had to be pretty nervous: when digging a trench for the subsequent connection of water to the house from the city communications bulldozer damaged the pipeline just two - water and gas.
Katherine Y. :
- whole life flashed in this moment before my eyes, I had already decided which of the kidneys have to sell to clear the pipeline of a village from the water ... Dollars, Rubles, erysipelas"combiner" calm superintendent, water treatment plant and its own inaction "maybe" - the remarkable start of construction.
It is not carelessness Catherine Yurievna - before she ordered the construction of topographic mapping and received a site plan with all communications.However, they were not considered unauthorized incisions neighbors.
Katherine Y. :
- Conclusion and advice novice builders: before summing communications, construction of foundations, fence, setting rings and so on. D. Ask a neighbor "own" topographic mapping, and there arebe a surprise until the power cable ...
As for the cardinal, it is considered that the south side - the most successful in terms of light, so there is better to have a bedroom, living room, kitchen.In the north - all the bathrooms, storage rooms, staircases, corridors, etc.However, not always the best views are from the southern windows, and the beauty is in the east - have to compromise.
second point .We expect the budget, based on what materials are used in construction and decoration.Receipts Wall-e advises to add at least another 30%, as to count all the little things a layman - rise in price of materials and labor, unaccounted expenses, force majeure - is impossible.The budget will determine which areas and architecture, you can build a house.The more complex the shape of the building, the more expensive it will cost construction.
third point .Determine the area of ​​the future home.There are no ready-made solution, but Wall-e believes that the optimal area for a family of 4 persons - 120-150 square meters.This home is not close, and it is not so difficult to sell if necessary.The bedrooms and kitchen design architect recommends a minimum of 12 square meters, living room - 25 sq.m.
Although today on the network and on the forum, you can find lots of interesting small projects, such as, for example, house-workshop forumchanin IceAge , which he built on the foundations of an old garage 6X6 meters.
rooms magnitude better plan is not in the head, and kind - armed with a tape measure and measuring out the desired distance.
fourth item .We plan storeys.It is believed that the one-story house - the most comfortable, becausethe owners do not have to run up the stairs.But if the area of ​​the building exceeds 100 square meters, it occupies a large area of ​​land, and sometimes it is - the argument in favor of the construction of the second floor of the attic or device.In addition, when a one-story building will have more money to spend on pouring the foundation and construction of the roof.
However, about one-storey houses have comfort and opposite opinion.
Radomir999 :
- Do not exchange his two-storey house on odnoetazhnik.All of its convenience, to put it mildly, exaggerated.Is wound twice laps on the first floor.A contemplation of the beauty of nature from the bedroom window at the top?If I had money - the third floor built.
fifth item .Avoid unnecessary corridors.They take the useful area of ​​the house, they usually do not have light and beauty.If the corridor is still needed in the future, try to use them to the maximum - put it in closets.
In this case do not take the square hallway - in the winter season here is to fit the volume outerwear, so Provide sufficient space for changing rooms.
sixth item ."Wet" point (toilets, sinks, etc.) try to assemble near or placed one above the other (if the house several floors) - it will simplify and reduce the cost of laying communications.Better not have sewer risers near the bedroom or living room becauseWhen draining of water is sometimes the noise and pipe may have to hide in a box.
For the convenience of the home and visitors always better to design two bathrooms.And, of course, consider the location of the entrances to the sanuzly- they are in any case should not go out of the kitchen or living room, the ideal option - from the corridor.If the entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom is planned, it is better to provide a buffer in the form of a small walk-in closet or a vestibule.
seventh item .Location risers sanitation and ventilation ducts, chimneys, electrical cables think through in advance and to make a plan.
Artyom Antonov :
- do in a newly built house wiring without a comprehensive plan.I turned on the kitchen just three sockets.We had them under the floor, and putty (good in the kitchen there is a cellar) spend all wiring in the kitchen.Now I have a margin of 16 outlets to the proper place for me.
eighth item .Boiler Wall-e advised to place as close as possible to the kitchen - if a house will be heated with gas, it will save on construction of communications and preserve the aesthetics of the building, aspipe will not have to enmesh the whole house.Gas boiler must be at least 15 cubic meters.
ninth item .The kitchen is better to locate next to the living room, avoiding the corridor between the two posts.Or combine the living room with dining area and kitchen.
Wall-e :
- The best solution for bedrooms - separate them in private area, so that the house was divided into two independent parts - the public (with a kitchen, dining room, living room, guest bathroom, guest bedroom) and the master(bedrooms with their own bathrooms).
tenth item .Easy Steps - a mandatory rule for the construction of two-storey house.Its design can not be postponed, and the need to make to the plan immediately.At a height of three meters under the ceiling under the stairs is necessary to provide 7-8 square meters.Square meters.According to the Wall-e, in the house is better to avoid spiral staircases becausegoing up and down on it will have several times per day.
to square footage under the stairs is not empty, the free space can be allocated under the treasury.
item eleventh .Drawing a plan, consider the width of the span and the materials from which they are made.Difficulties may arise, for example, if the width of the span is more than four meters.Better to consult with specialists.
item twelfth .Arrange furniture in the plan.According to the Wall-e, you need to think through the house to the smallest detail and to think in advance where they will be a sofa, cabinets, computer.This will avoid the shortcomings in the planning and subsequent disappointments.
What is your dream home - and come up to you to decide.And in this thread of our forum you will be able to present its project and to consult an architect.It is also advised to pay attention to the experience of our members of the forum to talk about their construction mistakes.And look interesting video of an architectural and planning decisions of the House of the estate.