Glass mosaics on the grid (China);

By Admin | Design And Interior
21 May 2016

Every year more and more beautiful to create stylish interiors of apartments and houses used mosaic.This material is firmly entrenched in our lives.It can be seen in the interior of bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, as well as spas, beauty salons, swimming pools.On sale found glass mosaic, ceramic, smaltovaya, rock and even metal.Small plitochki pasted on paper, film or mesh a certain size, as are the matrix mosaic, which is lined with an adhesive surface.The most popular glass mosaic (China) on net basis.

Ceramic tile mosaic and original circular mosaic of glass in the interior

Mosaics known since ancient times, they adorned the walls and floors of palaces, houses nobles.Compositions made of ceramic shards, glazes, pebbles and gemstones.Currently, designers use a mosaic, not only for its intended purpose - lining the walls and floors, but also create a variety of home furnishings: tabletops, vases, various stands and much more.It is convenient to use this material for the lining of curvilinear surfaces
, since the small size of plitochek that gives the interior a personality.Glass tile mosaic, reflecting the light, playing glare, gaze wealth of different shades.Ceramic mosaic is different rigor and restraint.Plitochki bizarre shapes, round, oval, diamond give the interior originality and audacity.Glass mosaic for kitchen such unusual shapes can be used for the lining of the kitchen "apron", countertops, a small fragment of the wall or the floor, making emphasis on the interior.

Glass tile mosaic, having increased strength, resistance to moisture and high temperatures, has been widely used in the lining of swimming pools, facilities bathrooms, saunas, fountains.Mosaic ceramic on the grid can be matte and glossy, it is more resistant to abrasion, has a rich color palette is used in wall and floor tiles of various premises, facades of buildings and swimming pools.Stone mosaic made of stones of different breeds and different shapes.Every piece of this puzzle is unique, as no two identical stones in nature.It looks great cover of a mosaic on the floor in the form of fragments.It is used in bathrooms and in the interior room.Wall and floor coverings from the mosaic paintings can become true works of art.In commercially available presets panels vary in size and purpose.China glass mosaic is widespread, being accessible and relatively inexpensive material lining.

Laying glass mosaic and ceramic;special grout and adhesive for glass and mosaics

process laying mosaic matrix only at first glance seems simple.In fact, it is painstaking work that requires patience and knowledge.But if you are confident in their abilities and are willing to take the risk, then, armed with the necessary materials, feel free to get to work.Preparation stones surfaces is the same as in the conventional laying tile.Only the base must be white.And to buy glue and fugue Treat carefully.The adhesive must have the elasticity, high adhesive strength, water resistance.To mosaic bathroom glass during installation did not change color, use a special white glue on the basis of white cement quality.Otherwise, saving the quality of the glue, you can spoil the overall impression of the work performed.The mosaic pieces are laid on the adhesive and carefully aligned with respect to each other.Laymen is better to use a polymer matrix grid.So you can control the evenness of the joints between the fragments.Grout for mosaic can be different.To fit a clear glass, it does not change the color of the tile.