Imitation of beam ultramodern interior

By Admin | Design And Interior
20 May 2016

the use of wood in a very modern interior may seem a strange decision.The thought of this style conjure futuristic shapes, minimalism and plenty of space.However, it is worth seeing a few examples - and it becomes clear that the views of the designers have changed over the past few years.

modern interior and natural materials

Natural wood in a very modern interior is just as important as, for example, in a country style.Bright colors and minimalism have not disappeared, just now they complement rather successful insertion of wood.

ultramodern design has characteristic features:

  • minimalism,
  • functionality,
  • natural materials,
  • mixture of styles and methods of finishing.

Minimalism is good for small apartments, and for large buildings.In a small area it can save space, and many owners of large homes simply do not want to clutter up their territory with unnecessary items.

imitation pine lumber price

In both cases, an imitation of timber for interior decoration fits perfectly: straight horizontal lines emphasize the a

bsence of anything superfluous.It is important to use a high-quality simulation of the beam, which can be bought in "Boards Here" online

At the tree in modern interiors used stone and glass.All of these materials look great together and open space for artistic discovery.

not surprising combination of marble and wood finishes.The combination of these and other materials can effectively split the zone and to achieve interesting effects.

Examples of

Imitation timber will look great in the bedroom and study, separate insert in the living room and the kitchen design will make them more comfortable and luxurious.Installation of this material on the ceiling accentuate its height, particularly if the light will be selected pine boards.

small inserts will highlight the recreation area or place a bar.Develop the theme of wood to help small gifts from the same material, the individual pieces of furniture, decorative lamps.

quite appropriate and even popular imitation of timber in the interior of the bathroom.Decorating the walls of this material will increase the feeling of warmth and coziness.It is best to use the bathroom larch, and as a basis for installation, select the galvanized profile.

Wood - one of the most important materials for the creation of ultra-modern interior.In conjunction with the stone and glass, it will be the basis of this masterpiece of design art and a comfortable accommodation in which you want to return.