Kitchen interior in classic style

By Admin | Design And Interior
17 May 2016

For registration kitchens, designers offer a lot of stylistic solutions.But in spite of this, most of the interiors still prevails is the classic direction.This is due to the fact that classic style in the interior of the kitchen best meets the requirements of functionality, comfort and aesthetic perfection.Its main difference lies in the consistency and reasonableness of plan, symmetry and elegance of composition. It most organically combined with each other decoration, furniture, lighting and accessories.In the overall composition, they create an incredibly warm, filled with comfort interior.

If we talk about the main features characteristic of the classical style, in the first place is harmonious, clear shapes and lines, light colors, elegant but at the same time high-quality furniture, central lighting, carefully chosen decor and complete the image.The decoration can be used in almost any material.The most important thing to adhere to the principles of naturalness and lack of rough parts.Walls ca

n be painted a monochromatic paint delicate shades - pink, yellow, pale blue, sand, etc., as well as their combination with brown and white.Wallpapers also purchased plain, but allowed the use of materials with a fine pattern or horizontal light strips.To fit the floor covering design repeating the texture of wood, or with the effect of aging.

It is important that the interior of the kitchen in classical style was not overloaded with decor and accessories.To complete the image of the silver suit table from Glasko, collectible ceramics or plates, candlesticks, beautiful vases, etc.The main thing that they were geometrically adjusted items.And decorative glassware should not be too much.It is enough to put some of the most striking objects on open shelves.

The central element of the classic cuisine, of course, becomes a kitchen set.As a rule, everything for a kitchen choose furniture made of wood or a low cost options with wooden facades.The color scheme of the furniture can be dark (oak, walnut, cherry) and light (beech, alder).Perhaps the decision in black, but then finishing must be carried out in contrasting colors.Stylistically furniture characterized by straight clean lines, the presence of stained glass windows and paneled facades with graceful swirls and curves.