Benefits of multi-tool

By Admin | Tools And Equipment
08 May 2016

to repair work of any complexity multi-tools are the indispensable helpers.The popularity of this instrument is due to perform many different operations.It allows you to replace the hammer, hacksaw, grinders, chisels, jigsaw and other tools, and performs:

  • sawing and cutting material;
  • grinding work;
  • polishing various surfaces;
  • Scratching (scraping).

versatile multifunction tool is provided by a set of nozzles, which are included in the package.

constant demand multi-tool "Maximum" allows you to comfortably and quickly perform a large number as the finishing and decorative works in an apartment or private house in the country.Tool simple and intuitive to use.Due to rich set of different baits, it ensures reliable operation with materials such as:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • ceramic tile, etc..

to minimize dust in the room during operation, the instrument is equipped with a built-in system to collect debris.The device also comes with a convenient carrying case for storage of the tool and all t

he accessories.

multifunctional tool not only saves financial resources and time to complete many construction operations.
Universal set of screwdrivers and drills to drill, as well as multi-function head, which is also included in the tool are excellent assistants to perform various household tasks.The set is made of stainless steel and can be used as a conventional drill screwdriver, saving the time required for tool change.

purpose nozzle allows you to quickly do the job of drilling the hole while simultaneously tightening the screws, without wasting time to replace the nozzles and replace tool.Useful when the behavior of a function or hanging assembly of furniture, moldings and so on. One tool lets you replace a drill and screwdriver.

large set of tools and a convenient carrying case, ensure easy-to-use tools and transportation.All bits, screwdriver tips which included tools are always at hand in a comfortable position, which significantly saves time on their search and replace.