Electric reciprocating saw

By Admin | Tools And Equipment
01 May 2016

reciprocating electric saw is inherently elektronozhovkoy.At first glance, its structure is similar to the design of chain saws, however, instead of the chain, electric reciprocating saw is equipped with a special flat blades.

Benefits Reciprocating Saws in comparison with the chain are obvious. Although it has a much smaller engine power (approximately 1300 watts), its essential characteristic is to have a smooth slope.Because of this, the cutting speed is regulated is very simple - by pressing - and runs very smoothly.This makes the saber saw much more precise tool, and is an indispensable feature in the construction of the calibration details.Chainsaw you will never do propyl exactly 55 mm, and with the help of saber - easily.Besides, for the saber saw blade can be easily replaced in case of damage, or to perform a specific operation.For sale is a huge selection of paintings - large and small teeth with and without spraying, long and short, varying degrees of flexibility.Due to the above

smooth descent and a small engine power reciprocating saw can be used together even with a low-power electric generator.

To reciprocating electric saw last longer, for it needs special care.In the case of some special drink has the lubrication hole.It was in him, with the help of oil can, it is necessary periodically to drip any lube.From time to time it is recommended reordered, and after about 8-12 operation to replace the collector brushes.

One variety Reciprocating Saws - rechargeable reciprocating saw.These tools are often equipped with a lamp to illuminate the work area, the number of revolutions are adjusted by the electronic system.Their main advantage - the work with the help of the battery, which makes workflow regardless of the source voltage.